Will Frady Change Positions?

In addition to getting some recent good news about receiving a medical redshirt, sophomore offensive lineman John Frady got some interesting news from his new position coach Mark McHale.

Last year, center John Frady dislocated his elbow and received a medical redshirt.  Many people thought that the talented sophomore would enter spring practices, which starts on March 18th, as the back up to Senior David Castillo at center.  However, new offensive line coach Mark McHale delivered him some different news.
"The spring depth chart came out today," Frady said.   "I'm first team left guard."
A lot of the promotion has to do with injuries to left guard Matt Meinrod (knee) and Cory Niblock (shoulder surgery) and his performance during mat drills.
"Drills are going good, better than last year," he said.  "I know what to expect because of last year, mentally and physically.   I am much better than I was a year ago."
Frady, who checks in at 6-foot-4 and 295 pound, has also been working out very hard in the weight room and he has seen positive gains.
"My max bench is now 405 pounds," he said.  "That's up 30 pounds from last year."
The former All-First Coast standout has been impressed with his new position coach Mark McHale.
 "I really like him and his book has really sped up the learning process," he said.
Frady told The Territory that he has fully recovered from his dislocated elbow and that he's now 100% healthy.

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