Q & A with Redshirt Freshman DB Dee McClure

Recently, The Territory caught up with redshirt freshman strong-safety Dee McClure, who will enter spring practices as number two at his position on the depth chart. The former Adamsville (AL) Minor standout discusses off-season workouts and what he is doing to prepare for the spring competition.

 How are things going with in the off-season workouts like mat drills?
It's going pretty good.  They are probably the hardest thing I've done in my life.  But it will pay off in the end.
Have you gotten any perfect score and do you know how you're doing compared to everyone else out there?
I got a perfect score on the mat's and on the running station. 
How are mat drills helping you improve?
They help me with my quickness and agility.  They also help me mentally push through things. 
Anyone out there that impresses you?
Willie Reid, Kyler Hall and Chris Davis have impressed me.
How often are you lifting weights and what is your max bench-press and squat?
We lift weights every Tuesday and Thursdays.  My squat is up there around 500 hundred pounds or so.  My max bench is around 375 pounds or so.
What's your current height and weight?  What was your weight when you first reported to Florida State last summer?
Right now I'm 5-foot-11 and 203 pounds.  When I first reported,   I weighted around 186 pounds and benched around 305 pounds.
What were your reps like last year during practices?
I got a lot of reps during seven on seven's.  During the bowl practices, I was second on the depth chart in third and long situations.  In our base defense during seven on seven's, I also got a lot of reps.
During an interview with Coach Andrews about you, he kept mentioning that you were tough and a contact player.  Do you feel like you're a defensive back that plays like a linebacker?
I feel like that's one of my strengths but I can also cover pretty well.
What's your goal for this upcoming year?
My goal is to win a National Championship.
 Are you switching your jersey number?
I'm switching from number 40 to 24.

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