Q & A with DE Coach Jody Allen

The Territory caught up with Seminole defensive coach Jody Allen to discuss his thoughts on some players as mat drills wind down and spring practice begins is a little over two weeks.

How do you feel about the defensive ends going through mat drills?
There are only two defensive ends that are going through mat drills in Kamerion Wimbley and Alex Boston.  Kamerion is a senior and this is about fourth or fifth time of going through mat drill since he was a freshman.  He pretty much has the drills down.  Alex Boston has started drills of slow but he has come on as of late. 
 What's going on with Darrell Burston and D.J. Norris?
Darrell's knee is bothering him right now.  He doubles up on running stations but he's not doing any of the mat or Coach Andrews' agility drills.  He's basically going through the less stressful drills because of his knee problem.   We're still waiting on D.J. to be cleared from the episode he went through in Jacksonville.  Plus, he's supposed to have his shoulder operated on so he's kind of on hold now.  I'm kind of disappointed because mat drills could've really helped him.  Right now he can only ride the bike.
Will Darrell be able to go through spring practices?
I think so.  If things stay like they are now, he should be able to go through spring practices.  He's knee is bothering him a little bit but he should be able to suck it up and go through spring drills. 
With his experience do you see him starting out No.1 on the depth chart opposite of Kamerion Wimbley?
Probably so.  The depth chart right now doesn't mean a hill of beans.  There's a lot of football and practices still to go.  It's going to be wide open.
Anyone out there in mat drills out that impresses you?
A guy that I'm really impressed with is Leon Washington.  Everyone says Leon is a great player.  Leon is a great football player but he hasn't been a great mat drill guy for whatever reason.  However, this year he's come a long ways.  For the success he's had on the field, to go back to a basic thing like a mat drill and improve so much is quite impressive. Mario Henderson has really stepped things up the last couple of days.  DeCody Fagg has come on.  Alex Boston has made steps in the right direction.  Andre Fluellen has had some good mat drills.  Marcello Church has kind of stepped forward the last few days.  There's been a lot guys that have improved from the beginning.  That's what mat drills are all about. 

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