Robinson Could Contribute Early

Each year there is only a select few true freshman that are physically able to step in their first year on campus and contribute. Cornerback Jamie Robinson of Rock Hill (SC) Northwestern might be one of those players.

Jamie Robinson has the excellent size (6-foot-1 and 185 pounds) and speed (4.45) for a cornerback.  The South Carolina standout also has excellent hips and he hits wide receiver like a safety.
"We recruited all the young cornerbacks with the idea to give them an opportunity a fast as they can pick up the scheme," Coach Mickey Andrews said.  "We are certainly going to need some help.  Anytime you have six seniors like last year and lose five of them with Kyler (Hall) only playing in the first three games.  We get him back with a medical hardship.  B.J. Ward only played two games but he won't be back.  Hopefully, those guys will be able to help with our depth."
What does Coach Andrews like about Robinson?
"He's very athletic player who is tall and rangy," Andrews said.  "He has excellent size for a corner.  He's a guy that plays basketball. He's a guy that can jump with great hands.  He intercepted like 11 passes.  He's a guy that competes and runs well.  We feel like he's a youngster that going to be a good corner that we can't wait to work with him in the fall." recruiting analysis Miller Safrit is agreement with Coach Andrews on Robinson's skills.
"Robinson sticks to receivers like glue, turns smoothly, and finds the ball quickly to bat it away," Safrit Said.  "Normally quarterbacks are looking for more open receivers and Robinson does not have much of an opportunity to show his talents. At the Shrine Bowl, he dominated his side of the field throughout the practices against his Sandlapper teammates and followed that up with a lockdown game on Saturday.  The quick-rising cornerback allowed only two completions with seven passes in his direction while forcing three pass breakups and one interception as time wound down."
Robinson was rated the No. 3 player in state of South Carolina.

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