Spring Notes

Here's a Territory.org spring guide which includes, important spring dates, position changes, injured players, departed players, key position battles and a list of a few true freshman that could contribute early.

Important Spring Dates


Pro Timing Day- March 15th


First Day of Spring Practice- March 18th


First Half Scrimmage- March 24th


First Full Scrimmage- April 2nd


Second Full Scrimmage April 9th


Spring Game April 16th



Position Changes


Cory Niblock moves from Guard to Left Tackle


Ron Lunford moves from Guard to Left Tackle


John Frady moves from Center to Left Guard


Anthony Kelly will move from Linebacker to Left Defensive end


Barry Wright moves from Linebacker to Right Defensive end


Kenny Ingram moves from Free Safety to Rover


Joe Manning moves from Rover to Free Safety



Injured Players


C- David Castillo, hand, he will be limited during drills


OG- Matt Meinrod, knee, he is still recovering from a torn ACL has he suffered in the opening game of the season against Miami.


OT- Cory Niblock, shoulder, he is recovering from off-season shoulder injury


OT- Courtney Abbott, Diabetes, his status is still unclear


DE- Willie Jones, hip, he'll miss spring because of a hip scope


NG- Broderick Bunkley, he should return sometime this spring as he recovers from off-season ankle surgery


TE- Donnie Carter, Knee, he is recovering from a torn ACL that he suffered last August



Key Position Battles


QB- Wyatt Sexton, Drew Weatherford and Xavier Lee


DE- Darrell Burston and Alex Boston

CB- Gerard Ross and J.R. Bryant


Rover- Kyler Hall, Kenny Ingram and Dee McClure



Departed Players


QB- Chris Rix


OT- Alex Barron


OT- Ray Willis


OG- Bobby Meeks


WR- Cro Thorpe


WR- Chauncey Stovall


WR- Dominic Robinson


TE- Paul Irons


DT- Charles Howard


NG- Travis Johnson


DE- Chauncey Davis


DE- Eric Moore


LB- Ray Piquion


CB- Leroy Smith


CB- Bryant McFadden


Rover- Jerome Carter


Rover- Claudius Osei


Free Safety- B.J. Ward



Jersey Change


Rover- Dee McClure will switch from 40 to 24



True Freshman Who Could See Early Playing Time


WR- Fred Rouse


DT- Callahan Bright


DE- Justin Mincey


CB- Jamie Robinson


FS-Clarence Ward

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