Q & A with Redshirt Freshman Courtney Abbott

In the class of 2004, Florida State signed probably their biggest recruit ever in Courtney Abbott. In high school, he was listed at 6-foot-9 and 330 pounds. The former Atlanta (GA) Westlake standout was looking at a very bright future in Garnet & Gold until he received some bad news by being diagnosed with Diabetes. The Territory caught up with Abbott to get the latest on his status.

Courtney Abbott, a redshirt freshman offensive tackle, has seen his career hit a major road block. The Territory recently caught up with him for a Q& A on his status.
How did mat drills go?  Did you participate?
The first week I was held out to just the running station.  But, the second week I called my mother and told her that I wanted to participate in mat drills.  I told her it was going to be hard but I wanted to go through what my classmates were going through. 
How many mat drills did you participate in?
Out of the ten days, I participated seven days.
How are you handling the diabetes now?
My diabetes is fine now.  I've done real well and my doctor is proud of the progress that I've made.  My sugar is much lower and my health is better.  When my sugar was real high, my legs were weak.  With my legs weak, I was losing my power in my legs.  Diabetes takes the fat and muscle away from your body.  It was taking the muscle away from my legs.  My legs are still undersized but I'm working out twice a day and I'm trying to get to where I was before.
How much weight have you lost?
When I was first diagnosed with Diabetes back in February, I lost a lot of weight.   I went from 350 to 289 in a matter of two months.  Right now I'm back to 330 pounds.  My upper body is in the best shape of my life.  My lower body is where I'm concerned. 
Do you participate in weight lifting?
Yes, I do.  I push myself.  With diabetes, I have to exert twice the energy of the normal person.  I bench around 360 pounds.
Are you going to be cleared for spring practices?
The school isn't quite sure.  My mother has talked to Coach McHale and Coach Bowden and she said that I was going to be able to go through spring practices.  I know right now that I'm working the hardest that I've had in my life.  I'm trying to get my physical state back up to everyone else's.
What are your thoughts on Coach McHale?
He's a great coach.  When he initially signed with Florida State, I called a former teammate at Westlake who plays at Marshall.  I talked to Emmanuel about his coaching style.  He told me he was a great coach and a great person.  As a person he told us he's here to help us and he's not here to cuss us out, ridicule us or make us feel bad.  He's here to help us out.  I feel like he's going to help us win a National Championship.
Do you feel like he's a little more hands on than Jimmy Heggins?
Coach McHale is a little more hands on.  He helps us visualize things.  He will actually get down and show us the moves we are suppose to make.
Do any of the offensive linemen in your group impress you?
Cornelius Lewis has impressed me because of his strength.  He's probably the strongest of the lineman and he might be the quickest.  He's like a fullback on the offensive line. 
What are thoughts on the quarterback battle this spring?
All of them have worked very hard.  I can't predict who the starter will be though.  Xavier Lee is impressive.  I've never seen a quarterback throw it 70 yards on one knee.  Plus, he can run and he's around 6-foot-4.  Drew Weatherford is a hard worker and he can throw also.  He's a very accurate passer.  We've seen what Wyatt Sexton can do.

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