Live From Florida State Pro-Day Updated 1:58

The first of two very important weeks in the Pro Day circuit kicks off, starting in Tallahassee with Scout.Com's Dave Peters watching from the field. Check back often to get the latest.

Bunch of former Noles' are at hand today including  Corey Simon, Greg Jones, Darnell Dockett, and PK Sam.

From the field, the prospects all ran on a fast track and times below ( UPDATED WITH COACHES 40'S ) will continue as the day goes on.

Teams who have been visible are, Pittsburgh ( Bill Cowher ), New Orleans ( Jim Haslett ), Cleveland, Detroit, Minnesota, Kansas City, NY Giants, Cincinnati, St. Louis, and Atlanta. ( many more here and will be posted as the day goes on.

Cleveland Browns look to be mostly interested in the two OL Alex Barron, and Ray Willis. 

Vikings watching back, Craphonso Thorpe and Bryant McFadden.

Steelers look to be interested in DE Eric Moore who projects to be a OLB/DE pass rusher.

Seahawks looking at the DL, including Travis Johnson.

OT 1 Alex Barron SR 6-6/316/-
4.88 - 4.82 40's ( notes: ran over video guy at finishing line, and helped the guy back up )
S 17 Jerome Carter SR 6-0/214/4.51
DE NR Chauncey Davis SR 6-2/247/-
4.83 - 4.79 in front of scouts.
DT 1 Travis Johnson SR 6-5/286/-
Ran a 4.87 and 4.93 in front of scouts.
CB 8 Bryant McFadden SR 6-0/180/-
Ran a 4.41 & 4.49 in front of scouts.
DE 18 Eric Moore SR 6-4/252/-
Ran 4.73 & 4.79 in front of scouts.
QB NR Chris Rix SR 6-4/217/-
Ran a 4.56 and 4.57 in front of scouts.
WR NR Dominic Robinson SR 6-1/199/-
 Ran a 4.62 and 4.64 in front of scouts.
WR 16 Chauncey Stovall SR 6-2/215/4.55
Ran a 4.63 & 4.68 in front of scouts.
WR 7 Craphonso Thorpe SR 6-2/175/-
Ran a 4.39 & 4.47 in front of scouts.
S NR B.J. Ward SR 6-3/208/-
Ran a 4.44 & 4.45 in front of scouts.
OT 8 Ray Willis SR 6-6/314/-
Ran a 5.20 & 5.14 in front of scouts.
DB NR   Claudius Osei SR 6-0/198/-
Ran a 4.69 & 4.69 in front of scouts.
OLB NR   Ray Piquion SR 6-0/212/-
Ran a 4.78 in front of scouts.
CB NR   Leroy Smith SR 5-10/179/-
Ran a 4.53 in front of scouts.
DE NR   Charles Howard SR 6-3/265/-
Ran a 4.87 & 4.87 in front of scouts.
DB NR   Gerard Ross SR 6-2/187/-
4.53 - 4.59 in front of scouts.
OG NR   Bobby Meeks SR 6-3/299/-
4.96 & 5.02 40'S
QB NR   Fabian Walker SR 6-2/219/-
* X- Florida State QB who also was in attendance , ran a 4.66 & 4.66

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