Nole FB Talks Football

Last year as a true freshman, fullback Joe Surratt saw limited snaps and he's hoping to get more playing time this upcoming season. Recently, The Territory caught up with the former Pace (Fla.) standout to discuss the off-season workouts and the future.

How did mat drills go for you?
It was pretty crazy.  I heard a lot about it and it was one of the hardest things that I have done.
What's your current height and weight?
I just got off of the scale and I'm 262 pounds and I am 6-foot-1 and ½.
Did the coaches talk about how they are going to use you this season?
 With a new coach coming in, they are going to have changes.  I think they are trying to use a lot more of the tailback with Booker and Leon.  They also have done a lot more thing for us (fullbacks).  With me not redshirting last year, I think they plan on giving me more playing time this year.
With your soft hands, will they try to get you the ball through the air?
Matter of fact since last year they have put out more passing plays fullback wise and they put in a couple more runs. 
When you were going through the recruiting process, you said you wouldn't mind laying a hat on Miami Linebacker Willie Williams.  Will that happen this year?
I can't wait and hopefully they will put him and me in there at the same time so we can bust heads.
How much are you bench-pressing and squatting?
We haven't maxed out since last summer.  Workout wise I did 480/8 on the squats.  On the bench, I only did 365/6.  It's not bad with me but I lost a lot of weight once I got here.  I just am starting to get my strength and energy back.

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