Keane Talks About the QB Job

Last season walk on quarterback Tommy Keane got a few snaps in the Clemson game due to injuries of Chris Rix and Drew Weatherford. Unfortunately, he wasn't able to throw any passes in that game. According to Keane, the coaches have left word that the quarterback job is wide open this spring and the former Miami (Fla.) Coral Reef high school standout hopes to catch some looks.

"The quarterback job is opened up," Tommy Keane said.  "Wyatt has the most experience so he's probably going to start it off.  I guess from there everyone will be fighting for the job.   I believe that Wyatt will start off with the job because he got all the playing time last year.  He deserves it."


Along with Drew Weatherford, Wyatt Sexton, and Xavier Lee, he has been participating in some off-season throwing workouts.


"We have been throwing quite a bit," he said.    "The only guy we have been working with is Willie Reid, Robert Hallback and Joslin Shaw.  We really haven't seen any of the new guys yet."


Coach Dickey has told Keane he will get his shot.


"From what I understand, the coaches have faith in me and they want me to perform," he said.   "I think if I go out there and battle, I'll have a fair shot like the rest of the guys.  Coach Dickey is getting into today and we are going to discuss the offense and I believe there is going to be some changes for the better of the problem"


Keane also chimed in on his opinion of new offensive line Coach Mark McHale


 He's a great guy and great coach," Keane said.    "He's very knowledgeable.  He knows a lot about football.  You can tell by his demeanor that he's going to be a great coach for us."


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