Q & A with Willie Reid

Today, senior wide receiver Willie Reid caught everything thrown in his direction and he looks like he could be the go to receiver this season. The Territory caught up with him to see how his first day of spring practice went.

How was the first day?

It felt really good out there today. I had a lot more passes come my way today. Obviously everybody can make a lot of improvement but for the first day coming out, we did real good.

I feel like we are already in a little bit of a groove than in past years because we've been out there throwing the ball around already during mat drills. The continuity between the receivers and the quarterbacks has been real good because we've already been working with each other some.

Is it strange at all to be catching passes from three different quarterbacks in scrimmage situations?

I don't think so. The more reps that all of them get, the better. All of them will be fine. There is just a lot of adrenaline out there right now.

Is this one of the more versatile receiving corps you've been a part of?

I'm not sure about that. We had a lot of receivers back in the day like Javon (Walker), Anquan (Boldin) and Robert Morgan so I don't know about that but. There's always been a big mix and variety. Right now we're real young at the position but at the same time we're also very talented. We'll come along.

What have you seen out of the younger receivers?

I see willingness to work hard. They all will listen to the coaches and the older guys because they are all real eager to learn. They are all very coachable.

How does it feel to be the top receiver?

It's a different fell. I lined up the wrong way today coming out of stretches (laugh). It's different. I like it a whole lot. I think by the time that spring is over, I'll be used to it.

What was it like given all the new terminology the offense is using?

That's the biggest chance in the offense. Nothing's really changed a whole lot...just the terminology is a little bit different. Just learning and getting in the film room and studying the playbook is what we need to do.

Are you still going to return punts?

Yea, I'm still going to do that. That's a certainty.

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