Robinson Ties Record

<br>Thirty-four down, one to go.<br> <br>Thanks to a torrid end to last season and even more blistering start to 2005, Florida State center fielder and leadoff man Shane Robinson has tied J.D. Drew's school record hitting streak of 34 games. He can take sole possession of the record Friday afternoon when the Seminoles (25-4) travel to Duke (8-17).<br>

"I'm just happy this has gone on this far," said Robinson's whose third-inning chopper past Jacksonville third baseman Daniel Murphy Wednesday ensured he would tie the mark. "It is an honor to be tied with J.D. and I hope it keeps going so I can extend this and make the record longer."

Robinson said he breathed a sigh of relief, knowing that Jacksonville halted the last challenger to the streak – Ryan Barthelemy had a 33-game hitting streak in 2002 ended on the very same field when he was called out on a bang-bang play at first.

"You can't really don't think about the streak when you get up to the plate," said Robinson, who is from Tampa. "There's not a thought about it in my head. When you worry about it, you get out of your game. I just try to be poised." Though it has provided the highlight, Robinson's run has overshadowed a tremendous individual start for a young team that most have expected to do very little. Through 29 games, Robinson boasts a .504 batting average and leads the team in hits (58), runs (44), doubles (14), stolen bases (25), at-bats, slugging percentage (.696) and on-base percentage (.569).

Because of his leadoff spot, Robinson often bats with the bases empty, seeing more fastballs and walking less frequently than Drew ever did.

"I got pitched so tough," said Drew, now with the Los Angeles Dodgers. "If it wasn't for (Jeremy Morris) hitting behind me a lot of times, I might have never got anything to hit. I was fortunate to string together a 34-game hitting streak with a mixture of a lot of walks in there, which is kind of hard. If you're getting four or five legitimate at-bats each game, then you've got a good chance to keep it going. (Robinson's) in a different role and hopefully they pitch to him and he can continue to roll with it."

Longtime FSU coach Mike Martin is a reputed lover of streaks and the excitement they bring to the ballpark, but realizes Robinson's run is just one piece of a bigger puzzle.

"I really get caught up in it," Martin said. "Certainly you are excited when you see a guy hitting in 34 straight games. What you have to understand is that does not mean as much to him as winning. That's what this is all about. Those things he has accomplished are important, but not when it comes to winning and losing and that's what makes me even more excited for him to get this record."

Robinson concurred, saying he'd like more than just the number 35 to be etched next to his name in the FSU record book.

"I want to be remembered as consistent, hard-nosed, and a guy that can get it done," he said.

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