DE's Loaded with Potential

In Last Thursday's half scrimmage; the Seminole defensive ends put everyone on notice that as a unit they plan on racking up big-plays. Senior Kamerion Wimbley led the way with a three sacks performance.

"The effort was pretty good but we got a long ways to go," defensive end coach Jody Allen said.  " This unit has the potential to be as good as last year's group.  However, potential is kind of a dirty word around our place.  All it means is what you could do or doesn't mean anything about what you are doing.  They got to go out there and do it.  We got potential but we got a long ways to go.  The grades were about 50% which is no where close to were we needed to be but it's kind of what you expected with two new guys."

Senior Kamerion Wimbley, who started several games, last year when Eric Moore hurt his ankle, was on fire in the half scrimmage by recording three sacks. 
"I did some good things but I have to make a lot of corrections," Wimbley said.  "I still need to work on some technique stuff.  I just happen to get good takeoffs off the ball.  I just ran around the edge."
Coach Allen was quick to point out that sometimes sacks numbers are overrated.
"Everyone gets so caught up with sacks," Allen said.  "Sometimes the quarterback throws the ball so quick and sometime they double team a guy.  I would love for Kamerion to get three sacks each time.  If he's singled and they take regular drops, then I think he's got a chance and kind of expect for him to get three sacks in those circumstances.  In a lot of circumstances we play in I don't expect him to get three sacks.  There are a lot of variables involved."
Anthony Kelly has Coach Allen excited about what he sees in junior college transfer.  Also, the move of 6-foot-0 and 225 pound linebacker Barry Wright to defensive end adds speed to unit.
"Anthony is a little more powerful than I thought he was going to be," Allen said.  "He's as fluid as I thought he would be.  He's a good athlete and he's very coachable.  He's got a little bit of natural knack to him.  Barry has handled what we added very well.  He can run so fast and he's a powerful guy.  He's a little smaller but he's got some natural explosiveness.  He's got a chance to help us."
On a down note, Sophomore D.J. Norris separated his shoulder on the fourth play of the scrimmage and according to Coach Allen it's unlikely that he'll return this spring.

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