Frady Returns to Center

On Monday there was a lot of improvement in terms of offensive line play compared to last Thursday's scrimmage where the offensive line got totally dominated by the defense. One of the reasons for the improvement was sophomore John Frady entering the lineup after missing the half scrimmage with cramps.

Frady, who was practicing at left guard, has moved back to center because of David Castillo's injury.

  "(David) Castillo's out with that injury, so I better have a center polished this spring," offensive line coach Mark McHale said.

 "Executing the snap and making all the calls and getting the offense in the right schemes   are the main difference from guard to center," Frady said. "It's a lot more thinking.  I love playing guard, much better than center.  I like to pin my ears back and get after people.  Also there is not as much thinking."

 The blocking improvement from last Thursday's scrimmage was quite noticeable which helped quarterback Wyatt Sexton complete all four of his attempts.  There was also running room for both Jamaal Edwards and Lamar Lewis.

 "The more time we have to learn our plays and schemes the better we are going to get as an offensive unit," Frady said.

 In addition to Frady move, there have been several others moves across the line.  Tackles Mario Henderson and David Overmyer flipped sides.  Guards Cornelius Lewis and Jacky Claude flipped positions as well.

 Last season, Frady missed most of the season with a dislocated elbow and he was granted a medical redshirt.

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