Q & A with RB Lorenzo Booker

In today's half scrimmage, the passing game never got on track. However, the running game was clicking thanks to the fast improvement to the offensive line which played very poorly in last week's half scrimmage. Junior running back Lorenzo Booker can definitely tell a difference.

How has the offensive line turned it around since that first practice?


This has been one of the biggest improvements of the offensive line that I have ever seen since I have been here.  Never has the line been so bad one day and come back and be so great the next day.  Usually it's like a stepping stone.


Is it the scheme or the personnel?


You know what, it's them.  It's the same thing we did last time we did when we came out here.  This time they just got it in their heads that they wanted to block, and that's exactly what they came out here and did.  Today the lineman is going to walk away from here with the most confidence than anybody.  More than me, Leon, Lamar, or anyone.


Do the backs appreciate the job the line is doing?


Definitely, for young guys today was big.  If you don't have confidence you cannot play to your potential, so we wanted to let them know when they are doing a good job.  I'm going to make it a point tomorrow to go into their meeting and let them know they blocked real well and to keep it up.


On Sims injury:


He was hit and some people kind of rolled on him as the play was unfolding.  I got hurt two springs ago and I hope he realized its part of the game, and it's something that is hard to accept if you have never been hurt before.  I swore I was invincible before it happens to me.  The mental aspects of injuries are the hardest part.


On his cutback runs:


One of the advantages to our run game this year is we have put in a lot of zone blocking.  This year the backs are allowed to use our vision more.


On running stronger this year:


That's one of the things I have been working on.  I saw tape of my self and thought, how am I in the weight room all the time but when I get on the field I'm not using my strength.  That's one of the things I want to focus on.  Not that I'm going to turn into a Greg Jones, but I just want to break those one or two tackles that shouldn't bring me down.

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