Q & A with OC Jeff Bowden

The Territory.org's Chris Milton caught up with Seminoles offensive coordinator Jeff Bowden to find out what his thoughts are on the overall performance of the offense.

What did you think?

I thought we ran the ball early well, but the penalties killed our drives and put us in bad situations. They put us in long yardage situations which you have to try to stay out of. Right now we can't protect our quarterback at all. It's not assignments and it's not people not knowing who to get.
They are just getting beat and out manned right now.

You have to be looking forward to having some of the injured Ols back in the fall.

My mind aint on then. My mind is on right now. That's what's happening.
It'll be a relief when we get these guys back. That's why they are starters.

We haven't been seeing as much I-formations this spring.

Our backs - Leon, Lorenzo, Lamar and Jamaal - are great runners back there deep. They've come to me and told me that. "Don't get rid of that." So I'm not going to take that from them. They are really comfortable getting that deep hand off and finding hole so I'd be foolish not too run the I. But, yeah your are seeing a little less of it.Our running game has been better but every scrimmage penalties are killing it. Today we went from 4 to 3 but that doesn't matter. ..The reality is that penalties are putting us in long yardage situations and taking us out of what we are trying to do and it doesn't have to.

Chris Davis stepped up and had a nice day today.

It looked like every time we went to him, he caught the ball and that was encouraging.

Your dad said the offensive line took a step forward today.

As long as I'm seeing guys trying to block the right people, I know that they know they are supposed to do. Now they just have to get their technique straight. They either taking head fakes on the rush or getting pushed or whatever. That's something Mark (McHale)will have straighten out. It'll come with time. That's what spring is for. They are getting their hats on the right people. There were three runs where the backs missed a read and cut back and when he should have bounced. It looked like it may have been poor blocking, but the back made a bad read.

Has the lack of pass protection made it difficult to evaluate the QB battle?

Anytime he's running for his life, it's hard to evaluate a guy. But I can't not put him in those situations. That's the only way the protection is going to get better in and it's the only way to simulate game speed.
They are going to get the same pressure against Miami."

What have you seen our of Lorne Sam?

What I'm seeing is a much for consistent effort out him. Right now his downfield blocking is better than any of them and I hope that continues.
He had a drop out there today and you just can't do that. Catching the ball has got to be to No. 1 priority.

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