Coach Andrews Talks about the Secondary

Defensive coordinator Mickey Andrews sees some rough edges in the secondary that need to be refined over the next few weeks. His main concern is that players aren't filling their gaps. Also, Freshmen Kenny Ingram and Darius McClure worked two full series during Saturday's scrimmage.

Defensive coordinator Mickey Andrews saw improvement in fundamentals and technique in the secondary during Saturday's scrimmage. But there was also room for improvement.

"We were real lazy with our eyes a couple of times," Andrews said. "We didn't get a good break on the ball. We have to work on that. Safeties squeezing, and playing the deep receiver, we weren't as good there. And, overall, I didn't think we tackled as well. The thing that is slowing us down as a defense is that we're not taking care of our gap responsibilities. "

Pat Watkins said Andrews has been stressing to the team that each player needs to do only what is necessary of their position. Some players have tried to over extend themselves on the field, which has put them out of position - something that needs to be corrected before fall.

"He talks out being at the right place in the right time. We need to learn how to check and recognize things faster. That's what he wants to see before plays," Watkins said.

But on some occasions, the aggressiveness was just what Andrews was looking for.

"Our effort too the ball was pretty good," Andrews said.

Kyler Hall exemplified that statement, fiercely attacking a short pass to running back Lorenzo Booker in the flat. He pummeled Booker on impact with one of the hardest hits of the afternoon.

Andrews said he expects Hall, a senior, to take on more of a leadership role in the fall, and improve on his ability to consistently move to the ball the way he did, at times, during the scrimmage.

Freshmen Kenny Ingram and Darius McClure took an increased number of snaps Saturday, working around two full series. Andrews said he was impressed with McClure's aggressive play.

"I'm challenging (Ingram) to come along," Watkins said. "I told him that I was in the same position as a freshmen. I wasn't getting too much playing time. But the playing you get, you got to make the most of it. You have to prove yourself."

Williams practiced despite an injury he suffered earlier in the week, which caught Andrews' attention.

"Roger (Williams) showed a lot of courage today. He hurt his ankle on the first play of scrimmage Wednesday. He went out there and played today. Not sure if everybody would have done that. You're pleased when you have a guy that's showing that kind of toughness, mentally and physically," Andrews said.

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