Q & A with OC Jeff Bowden

The Territory.org's Chris Milton caught up with offensive coordinator Jeff Bowden to see how some how the wide receiver depth chart is starting to shape out.

How are things shaping up with your receivers so far?

So far I can say Chris Davis is starting to stand out in scrimmages. De' Cody seems to make a big play every scrimmage. Then it looked like the last scrimmage Kenny O'Neal looked like he was starting to get a feel. While I can't say who THE guy is right now....this is what spring is all about. We have, what, six practices left. We'll try and get as much done as we can during that time.

What is Willie Reid's situation?

He has a hurt ankle. He hasn't been able to practice, let alone me evaluate him. To know what he has done in the past and at WR and as a punt returner....but he is missing valuable reps at wideout but that's out of my hands. This give me a chance to evaluate the other guys.

Will he be back by the spring game?

I think he'll be back by then. He just sprained his ankle. He tried to go in the last scrimmage but just couldn't do it. The best thing for him is just to rest. Hopefully we'll be able to get a look at him then.

Where does your depth chart stand?

Willie at X, De'Cody behind him, O'Neal behind him, Joslin Shaw behind him and Chase Walker behind him. That my five split ends. At flanker, there's Chris Davis, Lorne Sam moved up to No. 2 , Robert Hallback at No. 3 and Greg Car at No. 4. I think that's everybody

What prompted you to promote Lorne?

The last couple scrimmages, his effort and blocking downfield stood out. But its day to day. Today, Wyatt forced a ball in there that could have been caught. You can't let up or Robert might move back up. We're just evaluating them day to day. Whoever performs best is going to move up the depth chart. That's what tomorrow's scrimmage is going to be about.

Has the OL situation affected how you have evaluated your receivers?

The protection has been better last scrimmage so we did get some evaluating. Hopefully that continue into tomorrow's scrimmage. But when its not there, you have evaluate on some other drills.

Donnie Carter looked like he was moving around better.

He's moving around a little better. He's not moving around well enough to were I can evaluate him. According to Randy, he is on track (for August). I certainly with we could let him loose to do some more stuff this spring but it's not worth the risk, especially with a knee injury. Once we get him back, we are looking at having a pretty dominating tight end from a blocking standpoint. Matt Henshaw and Matt Root have helped with the passing game but those guys aren't as big an physical as Donnie is.

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