Premium Scrimmage Notes

During Wednesday afternoon's half scrimmage, the offense had its best performance of the spring. Unfortunately, it came at a cost as three young offensive contributors went down with injury. Also in this report: center situation, a big day from Greg Carr and Bobby Bowden hints the QB competition is narrowing.

Under the direction of all three quarterbacks, the offense moved the ball better today than it has all spring. Xavier Lee threw a touchdown pass to Greg Carr from 20 yards out and Drew Weatherford found Robert Hallback from 5 yards out for another. Chris Davis added five catches and looked great after the catch, making several defenders miss. He finally looks 100 percent healthy.


The bad news is that De'Cody Fagg, Lamar Lewis and John Frady each sustained injuries in the scrimmage and their status for the rest of the spring is unknown. The blow to Fagg looked most serious as the up-and-coming pass catcher was carted off the field after injuring his left ankle making a leaping grab.

Earlier in the scrimmage, Lewis was dragged down by Lawrence Timmons about 15 yards into a nice run. He returned to the field without pads and his shoulder and right arm in heavy wrapping.

"Someone grabbed me from behind and pushed it into the ground and my shoulder kind of dug in," Lewis said. "I'm going in for more evaluation right now."

On defense, reserve linebacker Marcello Church came up on the short end of a big collision in goal line drills. He met hard-charging Jamaal Edwards on a sweep right and likely sustained a mild concussion.


John Frady is the final line on the injury report. Much like starter David Castillo, the backup center has a broken finger that will likely hold him out of the rest of spring drills.

The injury leaves FSU with no scholarship centers for the final week and a half of practice. Dumaka Atkins is out after shoulder surgery shoulder surgery. Walk-on Corey Bookins practicd with the first team Wednesday.

"You keep your fingers crossed when you scrimmage that nobody gets hurt but yet you have to do it. This happens every spring," Bobby Bowden said.

Bowden hinted the injuries may forced FSU to reprise the offense vs. defense format of the past two spring games at next Saturday's Garnet and Gold game though "they had not thought about it yet."


It's usually the first question Bowden gets when he drives over on his golf cart: "Coach what did you think of the quarterbacks today?" Wednesday, Bowden offered this first thing, without a question from the media:

"I think the young quarterbacks are making some strides. Some good things are happening. I do think that they have closed the gap a little bit."

Both Weatherford and Lee threw touchdown passes Wednesday while Wyatt Sexton misfired on some easy passes to the flats and was sacked five times. When Jeff Bowden tried some new offensive packages late in the day, the younger signal callers had a better showing.

"That's the first time I've heard that but that helps," Weatherford said. "We'll use it as motivation to keep on working hard."

During the struggles that Chris Rix experienced, Bowden often pointed to the fact that he was forced to start before the usual target date – his redshirt junior year. Would the fact that Sexton is there still give him the edge?

"That's where we are now. We're back to that point. We'll just see if he can hang on."


Greg Carr's performance was the most telling on Wednesday. With Willie Reid and Fagg out with injuries and Kenny O'Neal competing at a track meet, Carr made two nice grabs in double coverage, one a touchdown from Xavier Lee.

The 6-6 Carr could have had two more. He had broken free from Tony Carter on one play before defensive interference was called. On another, he appeared to have another score in the left corner of the endzone on a fade but the referee ruled he was out of bounds.

"That's what he said," Carr said with a smile. "Guess I got to go on that."

"I am feeling a whole lot more comfortable out there now that I've had some time to adapt and get to know how things work.Coaches were telling me that we need some big plays today and I need to just go up and get the ball. I am used to doing that. They told me just to do what I do and go out there and make some big plays to help the team. I am just trying to go out there and make plays like everybody else. They told me it's just like getting a rebound and to go up and get it."

His coaches have taken notice, especially offensive coordinator Jeff Bowden, who hinted FSU fans could see more of Carr in game situations come fall.

"He's showing some great ability," Bowden said. "I'm trying to see how much he's improving day to day. I'm really encouraged. He's hungry to learn and wants to do things right. Thats what I'm seeing out of him. Now that I see that out of his, it makes me feel like he'll become much more valuable next year. There are five or six more practices here that he needs to just keep learning and keep working hard."

More Carr praise:

"He's a stud. He's so long and runs we'll and has great hands. He's gonna be the man. He's aggressive and he'll go get the ball. We definitely need to throw it to him a lot." (Drew Weatherford)

"He made some nice catches out there. He has the potential to be a mighty fine football player. He's a guy you like to throw the ball up to downfield." (Bobby Bowden)


Rushing: Lamar Lewis (3 carries, 36 yards) Leon Washington (2 carries, 22 yards) Xavier Lee (1 carry, 20 yards)

Passing: Xavier Lee (4-for-5, 48 yards, 1 TD) Drew Weatherford (4-for-8, 45 yards, 1 TD) Wyatt Sexton (4-for-9, 32 yards)

Receiving:Chris Davis (3 catches, 52 yards) De'Cody Fagg (2 catches, 12 yards) Chase Walker (2 catches, 35 yards) Greg Carr (1 catch, 20 yards, 1 TD) Robert Hallback (1 catch, 5 yards, 1 TD)

Defense:A.J. Nicholson (5 tackles) Buster Davis (4 tackles, 1 TFL, 1 sack) Sam McGrew (3 tackles, 1TFL, .5 sack) Kamerion Wimbley (2 tackles, 1 TFL, 1.5 sacks ) Clifton Dickson (2 tackles, 1 TFL, 1.5 sacks) Darrell Burston (2 tackles, 1TFL, .5 sack)

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