Daryl Dickey talks QBs

The Territory.org caught up with quarterbacks coach Daryl Dickey following Wednesday's half-scrimmage to discuss his evaluation of the quarterback situation and the progression of Florida State's signal callers.

Q: What has been your general evaluation of the quarterbacks this spring?

"We're on track. We're just trying to get better at something everyday, keep learning, and keep competing on a daily basis. We're not worrying about a competition. We're just worried about individually trying to get better, improve your skills, and improve our play at the quarterback position."

Q: Coach Bowden mentioned earlier that the young quarterbacks are gaining ground. How are you seeing them come along?

"I think any time they get snaps they get better. That's what has happened this spring. In the fall they don't get many snaps. This spring they're more mature, and they're getting reps. When you get reps and opportunities to compete you are going to learn from mistakes and improve. So, yeah, they are improving."

Q: How have you seen the two young quarterbacks improve and what do they need to work on?

"They just need to keep getting reps. Obviously they both have a lot of talent. The more they see the better off they're going to be. We're playing a very fast and physical defense. They are learning the speed of the game, which is very important. They're learning the time and the tempo of how things operate."

Q: Because of the injuries to the offensive line, do you take the evaluations of each quarterback with a grain of salt?

"I'm not really interested in that right now. We're interested in getting better with every rep. Right steps, drops, and communication. If there's check, that kind of stuff. Taking care of our plate right now, so we get better. And don't worry about what's going on around you. Just focus on ourselves and try to get better."

Q: You're not making it a 1-2-3 thing, but you're trying to get them all better. Does that approach lessen the focus on each of those guys. It's not necessarily ‘I'll beat you today, but let's all get better?

"That's our approach right now. They're just trying to improve on an individual basis. And Wyatt (Sexton) gets the majority of the (snaps with) the ones. And I like to get both Drew (Weatherford) and Xavier (Lee) some reps with ones just so they have some good guys around them."

Q: But that removes the pressure?

"Sure, and its not time for that right now."

Q: At some point, though, you'll want to have that top spot nailed down, is there any time table on that?

"We have a starter right now. We're just trying to get everybody better. If we had to play, Wyatt Sexton is our starter. We're just trying for everybody to get better. Wyatt needs to get better and so do the two young guys."

Q: Another thing you're doing - sometimes you're rotating on every two plays?

"Sometimes that dictated by the situation. There were only six plays in the redzone and I wanted everybody to get on film so we can teach from that."

Q: You played two walk-ons at center today. How difficult is it? Those guys are new and inexperienced. The quarterback exchange, etc..

"Well, they're snapping the ball good. After that it's not what they're doing, it's what we're doing is what we're concerned with. Are we taking the right steps, seeing the right reads, picking up the right things, making the calls at the line? Those are things I'm concerned with."

Q: You're getting the ball back there fine, though, right?


Q: Do you feel like you lose some productivity when things are breaking down in front of you?

"What can you do? That's the way it is right now."

Q: Familiarity with the line - how much of a role does that play?

"It will be very important in the fall. But, in the spring, since we're missing so many guys it's difficult."

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