Mid-Spring Offense Report

With spring practices at the half way point, The Territory.org will break down each offensive position and we will select our top player at each position. We will also select our top offensive newcomer of the spring.



Dave Peters- In yesterday's practice, Coach Bowden commented that both freshman quarterbacks are closing the gap on Wyatt Sexton.  In my opinion, they are at worse equal to the redshirt junior quarterback.  In the last three scrimmages, Drew Weatherford and Xavier Lee have taken turns as the top performer at quarterback.  Both have thrown touchdowns while Sexton hasn't yet.  Also, Sexton has taken the most of the sacks of the three because of his lack of mobility. 


Josh Newberg- Coming into spring,  FSU had Wyatt Sexton as their starter and two young unproven guys behind him.  Everyone knew Wyatt was the man and that there is a gap between him and the other two.  Well, that gap has been closed shut.  Drew has shown just as much pocket awareness as the veteran Wyatt, and Xavier has shown more big play capability.  Overall I would say Wyatt is more consistent.  His good days are never as good as the young guns, but neither are his bad days.  It's natural for them to be a little inconsistent, especially with the number of snaps they get.  Since this is only the mid-way point,  I am a little surprised that the gap has closed so quickly.  This is going to be exciting to watch unfold.


Dave Peters- Top Player at Quarterback- Xavier Lee is my choice because of his big-play ability and mobility.  He has improved the most of the three.


Josh Newberg- Top Player at Quarterback- Xavier Lee, going into spring.   I thought Drew would be the one giving Wyatt the most competition.  But over the last two scrimmages,  it is Xavier who has stole the show. 


Offensive line:


Dave Peters- The offensive line has struggled but to be fair it's hard to tell with so many players at that position being injured.  The interior of the line has impressed me but the tackles have struggled.  John Frady, Cornelius Lewis and Jacky Claude have impressed me.  The running game between the tackles has been very good.


Josh Newberg- Hopefully, by the time I'm done writing this, we don't lose another starter to injury.  However, that is the ongoing theme this spring.  To look at our situation as a positive I have to remember that first spring scrimmage where our line couldn't give Wyatt the opportunity to take a 3-step drop.  That line couldn't have stopped Ernie Sims, after he broke his leg.  They still have frequent breakdowns but they have also taken huge steps toward improving.  I see no reason that the improvement is going to stop, therefore I am confident that our line will be ready for fall.  They may not be the best line in the country but they will be improved from last year.


Dave Peters- Top Player on the Offensive Line- Jacky Claude has turned my head.  He's got a mean streak plus the former Miami Edison standout is very athletic.


Josh Newberg- Top Player on the Offensive Line- Coach McHale: Talking with the offensive lineman I realized that every single guy has bought into the philosophy of McHale.  When there is a new coach coming in, it's important to buy into his system because there is not much time till the season starts.  They like everything about him from the way he teaches on the field to his accessibility off the field, they even like his encyclopedia-sized playbook.


Running back:


 Dave Peters- The running backs have all excelled which isn't surprising.  The veterans have been saving their bodies with limited carries and they have very little to prove.  Lamar Lewis and Jamaal have both ran tough this spring.


Josh Newberg- The running back situation reminds me a lot of the linebacker group.  We are deep and I'm not worried about any of the backups having to step in if needed.  Leon shows everyday why he will be the starter.  He can go up the middle for the tough yards, but what is really amazing is his speed to the outside.  Booker also has that same speed and when these two guys can beat OUR defense to the corner it says a lot. The young guys look great even though they run behind a second team line they still get good yards.  Lamar is a strong runner and Jamal has great vision.


 Dave Peters- Top Player at Running Back- Lamar Lewis has impressed me a whole lot.  He's very much like Leon Washington in terms of being able to run both inside and outside the tackles.


Josh Newberg- Top Player at Running Back- Lorenzo Booker: He has improved his running style this year to include his strength and it has paid off.  He said he saw the game films from last year and noticed some weak tackles took him down.  This year he's not running people over but if they don't wrap up he is not going down.  A play that stands out to me is where Pat Watkins came up to stop him at the line, but Booker gave him a stiff arm that put Pat on the ground.  Not only did he get past the line of scrimmage on that play but he broke it for about 22 yards.  I feel even though Leon will be and should be the starter Booker will finally break out and be a true star this year.


 Wide Receivers:


Dave Peters- With the graduation of three senior, the wide receivers position was a big question mark at the beginning of spring.  With the emergence of Chris Davis, DeCody Fagg and Kenny O'Neal, this unit could be even stronger than last year's group.


Josh Newberg- One of the biggest questions going into the off-season was who was going to step up and be our "go-to-guy" this year.  Willie Reid was expected to fill that role but he has been injured most of spring.  This created an opportunity for guys such as DeCody Fagg, Kenny O'Neal, Chris Davis, and Gregg Carr.  The younger guys have really stepped up and impressed.  Chris Davis is also a guy who shows that he can live up to the hype.  Lorne Sam needs to be more consistent catching the ball, he has too many drops, but he is a good downfield blocker. 


Dave Peters- Top Player at Wide Receiver- Sophomore DeCody Fagg has been the most consistent receiver this spring.  Each Scrimmage he has a habit of making a big catch and run.


Josh Newberg- Top Player at Wide Receiver- Kenny O'Neal is a true burner.  He looks fast when he runs his routes but he's one of those guys that can kick it into another gear when the ball is in the air.  Just when it looks un-catchable,  Kenny finds a way to get there.


Dave Peters-Top Offensive Newcomer-Kenny O'Neal has improved his hands quite a bit this spring.  He gives the Seminoles the top vertical thread because of his ability to beat the press with his speed.


Josh Newberg-Top Offensive Newcomer- Gregg Carr is my surprise of the spring thus far.  I doubted that Carr was going to gain the confidence necessary to be successful.  He just looked a little lost during the scrimmages.  Well, he has finally put it all together using his speed and height.  It will be interesting to see if he can transfer this from the practice field to the game.

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