Q & A with OL Coach Mark McHale

With spring practice coming to an end next Saturday, The Terriotry.org caught up with Coach Mark McHale to get his thoughts on the progress of his offensive line.

What's the status of John Frady?

John Frady has a separated shoulder and we will get a MRI on it this week.

How have you seen the lineman progress from beginning to now?

We got the best walk on team you have ever seen. I got two walk on centers starting and my first team walk on center got hurt today.

How are the tackles in David Overmyer and Mario Henderson doing?

David (Overmyer) did better today. He had one booboo and he made a mental error and not a physical one so I was pleased with that. He made one bad decision other that he battled. That end position might be our best position over on defense and he did so much better over there today. I was proud of him.

It seems like the run is ahead of the pass right now. Why is that?

It is. Our protection isn't good right now due to new terminology, sets and maybe a little continuity because those two guys not having worked with them. All that has to be in sync. It might be one call, a guy set this way, a wrong set, and we get leakage. If they are not physically or technique wise getting beat, I don't worry about it. It's the mental part that I have to get them trained on the proper sets. A lot of times there's five guys and one guy sets wrong it looks bad. When they get coordinated, I think we are going to be all right.

There seems to be a lot more downfield heads on linebackers this spring.

It's not anywhere near what we want. I think with two a days all this stuff will speed up. Knock on wood if we get Niblock in there, Meinrod in there, Castillo back in there, Frady back in there, all those guys back in there, Dumaka Atkins back in there. It just ashamed we didn't get to rep them all in stuff we are working with.

Overmyer has flipped a couple of times and he's now on left side again.

He's probably right now in my judgment he's the best left tackle we have right now.

It seems like Jacky Claude has settled in.

I think Jacky Claude has made the biggest progress in the spring as far as starting at this level and getting to whatever level that he's at. The last two practices, the guy that made a big jump was Cornelius Lewis. The last two scrimmages, Cornelius has made to the next level whatever that is. If he just learns to finish with a fight, he's going to be a good football player. He can really help us next year.

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