Q & A with QB Drew Weatherford

This spring, Redshirt Drew Weatherford has been in a three way battle with fellow freshman Xavier Lee and redshirt junior Wyatt Sexton for the quarterback job. Although, none of the three have separated yet, the former Land O Lakes standout has moved the first down chains the most on a consistent basis out of the three.

Are you sad that your first spring practice is over?

Yeah it sucks. I think there is of room for improvement, but I got a lot out of this spring.

How do you feel you did this spring?

I feel I was pretty consistent out there. I didn't make a lot of big plays but I didn't make a lot of mistakes. I didn't do spectacular, but I think I did good.

Have the coaches told you where you stand right now?

They have given no indication. Wyatt is still first but with Xavier and I its still up in the air.

When do you expect it to be announced?

Most people thought it would be after the spring but I don't think it is going to happen then. Probably be somewhere through two-a-days.

How has the offensive line improved from the first scrimmage?

It's like night and day from then till now. We have had a lot of guys step up. We have two walk-ons playing center right now.

Are you anywhere on the center depth chart with all the injuries?

I think Xavier is a little higher on the depth chart because he has 20 pounds on me, so I'm behind him I think.

Have any of the other young guys stood out?

I think the young backs; Lamar (Lewis) and Jamaal (Edwards) are doing a great job. Also, Chris (Davis) and Greg Carr have been making some big plays.

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