Garnet & Gold Game Notes

To be continued. As expected, fifteen practices and Saturday's Garnet and Gold game didn't provide enough time for Florida State to settle on a frontrunner for the starting quarterback situation. But has Bobby Bowden already made a decision?

On Saturday, the (Ft. Lauderdale) Sun-Sentinel reported that Bowden hinted Wyatt Sexton the starter at quarterback for FSU's Sept. 5 season-opener against Miami. The article, written by Craig Barnes, quoted Bowden as saying, "You simply don't get the consistency with them [Drew Weatherford and Xavier Lee] that you do with Wyatt. When you open against a team like Miami, experience goes a long way, but they have given me a reason to like our future."

After the Garnet and Gold game, Bowden maintained that the competition would continue.

"Gosh no," he said when asked if he had a starter in mind. "Well continue into fall like we are, Wyatt then they other two. They've made some strides."

Sexton was the mastermind behind the offense's only flourish in Saturday's Garnet and Gold game, leading a 6-play 75-yard touchdown drive to start the day. He found Chris Davis for a 45-yard gain on the first play from scrimmage.

"I bring leadership," Sexton said. "I'm not necessarily the overly-coaching guy but if we're down seven at Death Valley I'm going to be calm and the guys will be able to look me in the eye and feel confident."

"I'm also coming back running a 4.4," he joked.


The defense posted 5.5 sacks Saturday, making it difficult once again for coaches to ascertain which quarterback holds and upper hand. During one stretch, Sexton was sacked on three consecutive plays.

"It would have been nice if they gave me all afternoon to throw, then I'd pick them apart," he said. "But that's not going to happen so I just need to work on my footwork."

"Some plays he didn't even have a chance to cock his arm," Bowden added.

FSU also decided against using much of its playbook.

"That was by design," Sexton said. "We just didn't want to show too much to the world so we stayed in our base formation."


Chris Davis capped a healthy spring by catching four passes for 95 yards. He caught balls from three different quarterbacks.

"Even though we had three seniors leave, we want to prove we still have a good receiving corps," Davis said. "That first play got the tempo going – going for it all on the first play. I want to know that I'm counted on to make plays like that."

Davis attributed the offense's struggles the rest of the day to the stellar play of the defense.

"Going up against anything else will be no sweat after this," Davis said. "We don't see anything that can't be fixed. There were some bright spots and it was obvious we still have a lot of stuff to work on."

Davis said he didn't have a preference when it came to the quarterbacks.

"Each one has their own thing. They all do things different. Any way, they'll all find a way to get it done."


"They are 180 degrees better than last season. They've made some great strides so far and they'll continue to improve into two-a-days." - Buster Davis on the offense

"We're on the right place to become a great defense. Everybody knows what to do and everyone is committed to getting better." - Davis on the defense

"I just knew once the ball starting coming my way I'd be able to make some plays. Once I started proving myself I think that the coaches and quarterbacks started realizing that I was dependable and someone they could count on. " - WR Greg Carr on his spring

"We didn't give up a big play all spring so it was kind of irritating to give one up right off the bat. But we regroup and came back up after that and went hard from there." - CB Antonio Cromartie

"I believe that we will have the No. 1 defense in the country after the season next year."

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