Grading the Quarterbacks

At the beginning of spring practices, Seminole Head Coach Bobby Bowden said that the two freshmen (Drew Weatherford and Xavier Lee) would simply have to unseat redshirt Junior Wyatt Sexton which didn't happen. However, Sexton didn't pull a way either.

Wyatt Sexton didn't do anything to convince many that he's the future. The junior from Tallahassee Leon struggled with consistency and he led the offense to only one drive this spring. He also has the least mobility of the three and he took the most sacks of the spring. However, Coach Bowden likes him because he makes very few mistakes plus he's got several starts under his belt.

Redshirt Freshman Xavier Lee is a fan favorite. He has the most upside of the three but he also lacked consistency this spring. He threw several balls low and he struggled with his accuracy. However, the former Army All-American has the knack for the big play and he showed off his big arm and quick release this spring. He is also athletic enough to move the ball with his legs.

Redshirt Freshman Drew Weatherford was the most consistent of the three. He seemed to be able to move the chains the best. He can make plays on the run and he is very good with the pump fake. He's not the athlete that Lee is but he's got a lot more mobility than Sexton.

Grade- C I was impressed with young guys but they still have a lot of work ahead. Since the Virginia game, Sexton's progress has gone backwards. None of quarterbacks will be real successful until the offensive line is more stable.

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