Q & A with FSU Recruiting Coordinator John Lilly

With the spring evaluation period under way, The Territory caught up with Seminole recruiting coordinator John Lilly to find out what he feel's the Noles needs will be along with the current strategy.

Florida State had nine players drafted in this past weekend's NFL draft which was second most to Oklahoma. How is that helping your recruiting effort? Are you using that to your advantage?

Obviously, it's too early and phone call period hasn't started yet. I think there's certain thing players want when they go to college. First most they want to get a degree. They want a chance to play for a National Championship or a Conference championship and an opportunity to go onto the NFL. If they can look at Florida State as a place where a lot of players get drafted, it helps.

How will things change recruiting with a new coach on the staff? Will the responsibilities or territories change?

One thing that has changed a little bit is Coach McHale will recruit Jacksonville now. He will recruit Northeastern Florida and he will have some of Southeastern Georgia which takes a little off of Jody Allen's plate. Jody has done a good job, but we have kind of thrown the entire state of Georgia on him. Coach McHale will also recruit Louisiana. He's recruited there before.

What do you think a couple of your biggest needs will be this year?

I think we'll sign pretty close to a full load. Whenever it's like that, you pretty much sign across the board. Offensively, we need to sign six linemen. Tight end is a pretty big need because we are only going to have one after this year and he is a guy that's just coming in. Quarterback obviously because we didn't sign one in the last class. With Willie Reid leaving after this season, we would like to sign a couple of receivers because we are always going to throw the football. You can never have enough tailbacks. Leon (Washington) will be graduating and if Lorenzo (Booker) has a great year, he might leave early. On defense, the secondary particular at safety which is going to be important. A lot people want to talk about our linebackers, but we starting to get to the point where there's a lot of juniors and seniors so we would like to get a couple of linebackers. Obviously, a couple of defensive ends and tackles with the way we rotate them.

It seems like you start your evaluation out of state and work back towards Florida. Would that have to do with spring practice being held in Florida so you can evaluate them in person?

A lot has to do with Florida having baseball and track going and a lot of spring practices don't start until the 2nd. A lot of the players aren't out in practice until baseball and track ends. The earlier you go into a Florida school, the less opportunity you will have of actually seeing a practice to get a good evaluation of a player.

Where are you personally going to be this week and the following week?

I'm in New Jersey right now. I'll be in New Jersey and Pennsylvania tomorrow. Next week, in Virginia and North Carolina for the first part of the week and then back to New Jersey for a combine. Then, I'll be in Florida on Thursday and Friday.

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