Q & A with FSU OL Coach Mark McHale

Last night, The Territory.org just caught up with new offensive line coach Mark McHale who today starts his first day on the road as a Seminole recruiter. The former Marshall offensive coordinator will start his week in Georgia and he will work his way back to Jacksonville (Fla.) Find out what he looks for prospects, especially at the position he coaches.

What territories will you be recruiting this May?

I will recruit Southeast Georgia and the Jacksonville area. Also, what I think will happen is since we are trying to get six or seven offensive linemen, is that I will nationally recruit those lineman along with my area. I talked with John Lilly about Louisiana and he wasn't real hyped up about that area so we'll play that one by ear.

What is your schedule like and what do you want to accomplish?

What I try to accomplish when I visit the schools, you make have some good players but championship programs you need players that number one winning is important to them. If you find out that winning is important to a player, then you landed a jewel right there. If it is, then you find out as much about them like character and work-ethic. If it's a positional think like offensive line, do they like the weight room? Do they do anything besides football? I love kids that can wrestle. There's one athlete that we have offered already, he's a wrestler. I really like those types of players and I have liked them in the past. What kind of leaders are they? Leadership is important. Championship teams always have good leaders. Once they become good leaders in the past, then they know what that's all about. There are a lot of intangibles. Tangles are easy and everyone in the country can see those.

In an earlier interview, Coach Lilly said you are looking to sign four tackles and two inside players. Can you comment on that?

That's what I'm kind of looking for is four offensive tackles. I told the staff, I would like to find two guys that are centers or that have played center in the past. It could a guard, but someone that can play center.

What do you look for in tackles?

The first thing you want to look for is what I call a left tackle. Do they have the feet to play there? Just don't take the film of a guy that's a little restricted or one that he's pancaking someone all the time. That doesn't mean he's a going to be a good college player. You have to look to see if he's athletic and if he can run. Does he have bend in his Achilles heal. In other words does, he have bend in his stance? Or is he up on his toes? What type of finish does he have? Is one of those big guys, that's dominating in high school that push and shoves his man around or is he a guy that finished his blocks. So there's a lot more to it. You talk about offensive lineman and there's such thing as an athlete at offensive lineman. So you are looking for an athletic person, not just a big ole strong boy that's dominating in a little sphere.

How do feel about the current offensive line even with the injuries? Do you feel like you still accomplished what you wanted to this spring?

I think probably on a mental aspect the ones that went through spring, went to every meeting. The ones that did not go through spring, I assigned them as deputies as you would. They had to be coaches on the field so they knew what to look for. They become active in coaching the guys that play their position. I think the concepts are there. The expectations are there. In that respect, I think we accomplished a lot. Nothing is better than physically going through it though.

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