Noles Offer Tampa OT

Florida State is in the market for talented offensive tackles and it looks like the Garnet & Gold added another pass-protecting stud to the board by extending him an offer. Where do the Noles stand with the 6-foot-5 and 310 pound standout from Tampa (Fla.) Jefferson?

When it comes to first impressions it's not always easy to read what a person is like. That was exactly the case with offensive tackle Daron Rose from Tampa Jefferson High School. At the camp this past weekend, Daron came out did not say much. Rose is the type of football player that lets his play does the talking. When you look at Rose, he reminds me of Clark Kent. He wears glasses and when Daron took them off for the one on one drill, what you saw was a different person. He becomes a fierce, competitive, impressive looking lineman. With quick feet and good technique it's easy to see why Rose will be so highly sought after this year. had the chance to speak with Rose. The first thing we asked him about is if opponents take him lightly because of his appearance off the field?

"Of course they see the glasses and I smile and me being soft spoken the opposition take me lightly. Opponents feel I may be a pushover but once I strap my helmet on its all over."

We also asked him how he felt about his performance at the camp this past weekend?

"I felt I did pretty well. With spring practice starting, I was a little banged up and did well considering the circumstances."

What is Rose looking for in a college?

"Academics will be the most important thing, than the coaching staff and last the school environment. Being at a school where I feel comfortable with the surroundings is very important."

What schools does Daron like most?

"Duke, Oklahoma, USC, Auburn, Florida, FSU, Louisville, Ole Miss and Alabama."

We asked Daron what he feels is his strength and area that needs the most improvement?

"My pass protection is my greatest asset right now. I have pretty good agility for someone my size. As for what I need to improve on the most is run blocking and finishing off my blocks."

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