Where Do the Noles Stand with Warren?

Florida State is hot pursuit of a player at Butler Community College who originally signed with Florida State in the class of 2004. However, it looks liked the Noles will have to fight it out with several team to sign the mid-term student.

"I'm going to visit Iowa State, Clemson, Louisville, California and Florida State before I will make a decision," former Madison County safety Jonathan Warren said. "I will also visit Florida State for a game. All of those teams are even."

Everyone would expect the Noles to be a huge lock but Warren isn't so certain now.

"Everyone around me in high school was a big Florida State fan and they all wanted me to go there," he said. "Up hear in Kansas it's different so I want to go check out some other schools. I will have three years eligibility so I want to find a place that I can come in right away and compete."

Warren, who redshirted last year, is currently 6-foot-2 and 204 pounds.

"I can bench 370 pounds and squat 550 pounds," he said.

Warren is on track academically to enroll in a college of his choice next January.

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