Q&A Following Friday's Regional

Post game interview with Florida State's Mike Martin, Kevin Lynch, Brant Peacher, Michael Hyde and Shane Robinson following Friday's 3-2 win over Army in the first round of the Tallahassee regional.

Opening Statement: Coach Mike Martin

"Obliviously we were very fortunate to win that one. A lot of credit goes to Army. The way they played. It was a ballgame that we just scratched and clawed. These young men here did an outstanding job of getting runs in when they presented themselves. I thought we played very well defensively and, of course, what can you say about the job Hyde, Lynch and Chambliss did for us. It was a big lift, no doubt, when you're playing a team that's as well coached as Army is that you do the little things it takes. I think we SAC'ed four times, maybe it was three. But it was certainly a great win for us. Too bad we can't live it very long, because we know that we are playing a club that scored 13 runs today. Team that we're very familiar with, so we know that tomorrow is an even bigger challenge."

Q: Coach, you've seen a lot of great pitching this season. Where does Nick Hill rank?

Martin: "Nick was very impressive. He kept his pitches to the location. He spotted his fastball. We didn't know he threw that good a change. He really did a tremendous job. He's worthy of all the attention that he has received. That young man was a very good fielding pitcher. We got a big break when we scored the winning run because I'm sure he probably has not made a throw like that all year. It is just one of those breaks that we got and took advantage of."

Q: Why do you think they were so intent on trying to pick off Cheesman?

Martin: "Well, if I'm not mistaken, we had a guy down there that everybody thinks is not quick. Cheesman is quick. He's not a guy that is going to run a leg in the Olympics in the 4x4, but he is quick. He's not going to get off the bag big. I'm sure that they were looking for a quick way to get out of an inning."

Q: When was the last time that you can remember the Seminoles winning a ballgame with two hits?

Martin: "You might say that we took full advantage of those two."

Q: Brant, you had one of those two hits. Talk about your at-bat and what you were trying to do.

Peacher: "He had been setting up a lot of people with a first pitch fastball and I was just looking for a first pitch fastball and I put a good swing."

Q: What was he like, facing him?

Peacher: "He had a lot of movement on his pitches. I had to put good swings on them."

Q: Kevin, how much confidence did you get when got that runner with off the bunt?

Lynch: "I was hoping that he would bunt it to that side because I was busting off the mound to get that out. Then I was actually working for a ground ball to get a double-play and once I struck that second guy out I had a lot of motivation to get that third guy."

Q: Martin, you used to play centerfield. Will you talk about how you taught Shane how to make that catch?

Martin: "Well, I've worked with his speed from day one. He's listened very well. Shane beat people with his legs tonight. I don't think he got a hit, but that's why he's a national player of the year because he beats people in more ways than one. People get a lot of attention that hit the ball out of the ballpark. Here's a guy that went to third on a fly ball that was a very aggressive play, but that's what he brings to the table. Of course, that constituted a play for us."

Q: Could you talk about the play that Jernigan made on the ball to the final out?

Martin: "Yeah, I have to be honest with everybody here. When that ball was hit, the first thing I thought was get it Jernigan. Don't let it get out. And then I looked up, and the ball was on its way to first. It was a big time play. It was a great play and a big play for us. I was not thinking of him throwing the guy out as I was keeping the ball in the infield."

Q: He's been a guy that's been struggling at the plate. Do you think that play will give him confidence for tomorrow?

Martin: "A lot of it just has to do with his understanding of what his role is with the club and he did what his role is with our club. That's to make that play and keep the ball in the infield. He‘s a guy that has the potential to get us a big hit, but he knows his role is to be in the right spot and make the routine play for us. That wasn't routine."

Q: Hyde, could you talk about getting through those first couple of innings?

Hyde: "Well, I knew through those first couple of innings that I didn't have my best stuff tonight and it was going to be a battle. I don't remember the last time that I battled so hard starting a game. But that's the best part about pitching for this ball team. No matter if you have good stuff or not, just throw the ball up there. You have eight guys behind you that are going to make good plays like Jernigan did tonight, and Shane. That's what I concentrated on was letting my defense work. I knew it was going to be a battle."

Q: Was it nerves?

Hyde: "I don't think so. Of course I was nervous a little bit. But now I think I feed off the nerves. You have your good days and your bad days. I don't think that it's a bad day by far, but it was a battle for sure."

Q: Lynch you've been around for four years. What makes this team different?

Lynch: "Well, first of all, winning the ball game with two hits. I've never heard of it. This team is the scrappiest ball club I've ever been a part of. All we ask for is a few runs. Our pitchers are going to go out there and battle and if I was to give up a run our hitters would of come back and battled and scratched for another one. Everybody plays for the guy next to him."

Q: Did it make things easier for you to come and start an inning without bases loaded?

Lynch: "I put them on that next inning didn't I. I'm ready to come in whenever I'm called upon. I guess with nobody on it's easier than with people on."

Q: Shane, did you think you had a chance at that ball coming off the bat?

Robinson: "Well, they had a scouting report on the guys from Army. They had me shifting a little to right center. I'm always working on jumps and things like that. I guess that's the main part. You never give up on the ball. As soon as it was hit, I was thinking catch all the way."

Q: Is it an advantage or disadvantage to have played Auburn back in that series in February?

"They're a different club. I saw them today and they made two or three lineup changes. They still have that outstanding pitching. And, of course, you don't fool Tom Slater with anything. Tomorrow is setting up to be an exciting night of baseball."

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