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Post game interview with Florida State's Mike Martin, Kevin Lynch and Shane Robinson following FSU's decisive 10-4 victory over Auburn to advance to the Super Regionals.

Opening statement, Coach Mike Martin:

"First of all I want to thank the athletic staff here at Florida State, Dave Hart, Charlie Carr and Greg Phillips - the tournament director. I could go around the room and thank every single one of you but I am sure I would leave somebody out. There are a lot of things that you could have done this weekend but you gave of yourself and came out here and did a tremendous job. We were very fortunate to win. We certainly were disappointed that Karl Amonite (Auburn's first baseman) got hurt. Auburn is a tremendous baseball team but when you lose a guy that is your leading hitter, your homerun guy - no question it affects your lineup. These three guys sitting up here (Wardell, Lynch and Robinson) are part of a team that's got what Coach Bowden describes as 'it'. This bunch has played great baseball throughout this season. They've done it with togetherness and they've done it in a way that is the most unselfish of any of the baseball teams that I've had here and I've been blessed to make out a line up for 26 years. But that club's got 'it'."

Q: Coach, why do you think that this team has been so successful?

Martin: "Leadership, senior leadership. (Aaron) Cheesman, Lynch, (Daniel) Wardell, (Gibbs) Chapman - four seniors and boy did they really get across to the other guys what is expected both off the field and on the field. You don't know how proud it makes me to go on road trips and for some flight attendant to come up and say what a well-mannered group of young men that we have and people in hotels come up and say they've never had a group conduct themselves like gentlemen better than these guys. Dadgum, right. That makes me proud to be a Seminole."

Q: Coach, would you say that tonight's offensive showing was a release of frustrations of sort after your team struggled with their bats in the first two games this weekend?

Martin: "I think we continue to have good at bats, we seemed to be a little more aggressive with balls in the zone. I thought there was no release of frustration because our men don't have frustration if the mark is put on the left side where the 'W' column is."

Q: Kevin, what do you think about the way Coach (Jamey) Shouppe has brought this pitching staff together this year?

Lynch: "Well he's given everybody a lot of confidence from me to Ryan Strausse to Mark Sauls. I mean, he's not going to tell Mark Sauls he's a bad pitcher - he's going to give him confidence because next weekend he's going to have to go out there and perform like he's supposed to. He just instills a lot of confidence and he knows we can pitch and we just work hard for him."

Q: Can you just tell us about what you thought of your performance tonight?

Lynch: "I was just going to come in and work as hard as I could because I didn't know when my last inning was and at this point of the season, that's what you've got to do is come in and throw it like it is your last inning and I just kept building energy, energy and fell off a little in that last inning but tried to battle through it and like it (the bullpen) has all year, (Matt) DiBlasi comes in and gets the out and Tyler (Chambliss) finishes the game."

Q: What was it like to walk off the field to that standing ovation?

Lynch: "It's a great feeling, especially against a great ball club like Auburn, pitching like I did and I have to say, it's the best feeling I've had since I've been alive, coming off Mike Martin Field for the last time and turning it over to my best friend who also bails me out of jams a lot (DiBlasi)."

Q: Shane, what was different tonight - offensively - compared to the last two nights?

Robinson: "We weren't swinging at the bad pitches. We were going up there and getting deep in counts and hitting the fastball when we needed to. We made a lot of clutch hits tonight so that also helps. Our offense performed as well as our pitching."

Q: Shane, can you tell us about that homerun?

Robinson: "Well I go out there just trying to not hit the pitches they wanted me to hit and try to stay focused and have a little poise up there and get a good pitch. I was just thinking, get a good pitch that I can drive, something I can hit in the outfield and score a run with and I got a good swing on the ball and it went out."

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