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As a true sophomore, offensive lineman John Frady missed almost the entire season after suffering a dislocated left elbow in practice. Fortunately, he was rewarded with a medical redshirt. This season, offensive line coach Mark McHale is expecting big things out of the former Jacksonville Bolles standout. Each week leading up to the season, the redshirt sophomore will be writing diary for Enjoy Seminole fans.

Before I get started, I'd like to take a minute and introduce myself to some of you who may not be familiar with me. My name is John Frady, and I am a redshirt sophomore offensive lineman from Jacksonville. I have played Center for two years, but next year I will be moving to Guard. Currently, I am recovering from a shoulder procedure (along with several other of my teammates). For the rest of the summer, I will try to give all of you a glimpse into what goes on around Tallahassee in the off season.

While the weight room has been open all summer, this past Monday started mandatory workouts during the day and mandatory running in the afternoon. The turnout for the first workout was very encouraging, especially for the offensive line. As a unit, the offensive line has made a commitment to improve. With some help from Coach McHale, we have put together a program that has been going since the very beginning of the summer. Monday through Friday the offensive line meets as a unit with no coaches present and goes through different drills that will help us be ready to hit the ground running in August. In addition, Wednesday is our film day. We have looked both at ourselves with films from spring practice and at other schools. The offensive line will not be the weak link on this team.

Now a quick update on some injuries. D.J. Norris had the same surgery on his shoulder the same day I did. We are both doing very well and are on track to be back before August. Dave Castillo and Matt Meinrod are both back already. Dumaka Atkins shoulder is coming along as well.

As a team, we came up with a goal all the way back during those cold February mornings in Tully Gym. Our goal is very simple. Is it to beat Miami? That would be a good start. Is it to beat Florida? Is it to win the ACC? Both of these are necessary to achieving our goal. The goal of this team is unequivocal and unmistakable: Pasadena.

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