UF 8, FSU 5: Post-game Comments

Though they fought from behind the entire game, Florida State fell to its seventh consecutive defeat in Super Regional play, a 8-5 setback against Florida. See what coach Mike Martin and his players had to say following the season-ending loss.

Opening Comments

Mike Martin: First of all, I just want to congratulate Pat McMahon and the University of Florida. They certainly earned the right to represent this state in Omaha. They've proven this year that they are the best team in the state. They did a great job and had a tremendous tournament. I want to commend the adminisstation here for the great job they dod runnning the tournament.

As far the as the game, the first inning was a problem for us. Florida did a great job of bunching their four together and getting those runs in. Of course, the other inning was set up by a great at-bat by Gavin Dickey.

I'm very proud that we continued to fight down five in the last inning and continued to battle and got the tying run to the plate. Our guy (Jack Rye) got a good swing at it but hit it right to Matt (LaPorta).

This was very good for college baseball in our state and I was proud to see an attendance record set and be a part of that.

Can you reflect on the season?

Martin: I've tried to do this for 26 years with a pen in my hand. I've never enjoyed a team more than I have this year with this group. We had outstanding senior leadership from Cheesman, Lunch, Chapman and Wardell. We had just four seniors. Just really fluid. I don't think I have ever had a better team (in that manner). They pull for each other. It was a very enjoyable year in my estimation.

Aaron, can you tell us your feelings?

Aaron Cheesman: It's hard to describe because we did something that nobody thought we would do. No one thought we'd play well in the ACC. No one thought we'd get host a regional. No one though we'd get out of it. But yet we did.

It's dissapointing this point for me – being here for five years. This sucks, never going to Omaha. I came here thinking we'd go two or three times but I guess things weren't meant to be for us. This team will be outstanding this season. I'd watch out for them they'll be tough to beat.

Florida got some breaks out there in both games.

Shane Robinson: Some balls were falling their way and they got some key hits when they needed them. Florida came out real aggressive. They are a great team. Every one of them came out to play.

It seemded (UF starter) Alan Horne found a groove out there after struggling early.

Cheesman: He definitely kept us off balance. We just tried to make him work...take him deep in the count. Unfortunatly, we couldn't make him pay by leaving with us runners in scoring position. That was the story of our season when we lost ballgames. But you do have to give him credit.

Shane can you react to the season you put together?

Robinson: Baseball is not an individual sport. It's nice to be recognized on a national level but it doesn't mean much now with our season cut short.

What went wrong in the first inning?

Mark Sauls: I came out throwing how I wanted to throw but then stuff just didn't fall for me. I felt like my changeup was working but then they hit the homerun and (Martin) had to come get me for (DiBlasi).

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