Back in the Flow

With ten pounds of muscle added to his already powerful frame, Willie Jones looks impressive. The good news for the Florida State defense is that he feels just as good. Jones worked out indoors with the team on Monday, entering his second week of pain-free conditioning after sitting out the spring with a hip injury.

Jones played in seven games last season, grabbing a pair of sacks before getting bit by the injury bug once again. Jones, who sat out 2001 with a knee injury and 2003 with a torn Achilles, is ready to spent more time on the gridiron and less time in the training room this season."

"Every year it seems like the same routine: I get out there and run around...I'm doing well, ready for the season, and some little thing will jump up and set me back," Jones told the Renegade Report. "Hopefully I can get over that this season."

It has been so far, so good for the Seminole legacy this summer.

"It's feels good to get out there and run around a little bit...I feel a little bit better," he said. "I'm a little stiff and whatnot but I feel like with me sitting out all spring that was bound to happen. I have the ability and the mindset, so if I keep my heart I'll be alright."

Keeping Jones injury-free will be critical for a defensive front that has already lost tackle Cliff Dickson to academic issues and is waiting to see how Broderick Bunkley mends, as well.

Jones said he and some of his teammates forsaw this predicament when Dickson began to struggle with his coursework.

"We kind of suspected that, so it wasn't a big surprise at first," Jones said. "Then when it was official, we were like, 'Damn man, he was going to be a key part of our defense with season'. With Bunk kind of banged up, now all we have is question marks."

A coveted prospect at outside linebacker coming out of Carol City, Jones isn't likely to change positions again to help fill the void.

"We are already undersized at DE," he said. "You take an undersized end and move him inside, it's not going to work. Hopefully some of the young guys like Aaron Jones and Dunbar will step up. If not, it'll be tough on us. I think that they can handle it."

And as far as Dickson is concerned?

"If he really wants to take it to the next level – which I know he wants to do – he'll get done what needs to get done."

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