Q&A with David Castillo in regards to Wyatt Sexton

Redshirt senior David Castillo met with the media today as a player representative to discuss the recent developments with quarterback Wyatt Sexton. Here is a transcript of what was said.

Q: Can you tell us what you know about the situation with Wyatt?

Castillo: "I just know right now that the Sexton family is dealing with a tough issue. It's a private family issue and we just want to respect their wishes and let them know as a team, as Florida State, that everybody on this team, coaches, players and administration that we are all here to support him and we are going to do whatever we can. His health is the most important thing right now, not the football team. We just hope that he deals with the issues that he's dealing with and that he can get out and get back here as soon as possible."

Q: Rob (Wilson) mentioned that you are kind of the spokesperson for the team, have you talked to some of the guys and what is their reaction to the situation?

Castillo: "Everybody is kind of the same thing, they are concerned. It would be selfish to just be concerned about this football team. His health is more important. He's part of our family, he's a brother to us and with Coach Sexton being one of our coaches we are very concerned for their family. Our thoughts and prayers are out with them and that's the concern we have right now. We just hope that all the issues get worked out and the most important thing is his health so we hope that gets taken care of."

Q: Did you guys suspect anything was wrong with him when he wasn't showing up at informal workouts?

Castillo: "We just knew that he was not coming to workouts and we tried to encourage him to come out. He wasn't the only person that wasn't coming to workouts. It's voluntary and if a player chooses not to come out that's their thing. As a team we are concerned just with the guys that are out there and we are going to move on with the guys that are out there. We had 60-plus guys out there and we are going to work hard with the guys out there and the people we have. The ship has taken off. We call it the "National Championship Cruise" and we are taking off and if you are still on port when the boat leaves, that's tough, but we are going to work hard with the 60-plus guys that are out there."

Q: Coach Bowden said during his booster tour that Sexton would be the starter come September 5th, where does the team go from here and what do you guys do in terms of looking for someone to step up under center?

Castillo: "As a team, we are not commenting on that. That is for the coaches and the administration to handle. Wyatt's health is our main concern right now and we have confidence in Wyatt. We have confidence in our two young quarterbacks, Xavier and Drew, and whatever coach Bowden, the coaches and the administration decide, they have our full support. As a team, we are going to continue to work hard towards our goals this summer and continue in the weight room, in the class room, in the community and out on the practice field getting in the best shape we can for Miami and our season. When Wyatt's health issues get taken care of, the football issues will take care of themselves."

Q: Did you guys know about the two week suspension, two weeks ago?

Castillo: "As a team we didn't know anything about that. We just knew that we were out working hard and Wyatt wasn't out there. We were hoping he would be out there but that's an administration thing. That's not a very uncommon thing because it's summer time. We have a lot of team rules. We have various team rules about many different things. That (suspension) might not even be correlated to what's going on right now. So we don't know anything about that and that's for the coaches and administration to comment on, not the players."

Q: Because this is Florida State football, this is going to be a big news story nationally and with A.J. (Nicholson) being arrested last week as well, are you guys concerned about how the team will handle the negative national exposure?

Castillo: "Unfortunately we have had to deal with that in the past. Every program has and there is a lot of bad publicity going on with a lot of Division 1 programs. It's very unfair to Coach Bowden because he takes the hit every time a player messes up. It's very unfortunate because he's like a father to us but you can only be with your kids for so long. He only has us for so many hours of the day and he can tell us what to do and what's right to do but it doesn't necessarily mean that you are going to do it. We feel bad for Coach Bowden, our coaches and this program because of people that have made a few bad choices that reflects poorly on the entire program. We are not too concerned about it because people realize we are athletes. These are 18 to 22 year old guys and they are going to make mistakes. Everyone says you are in a fishbowl, you are playing for a major Division 1 program at Florida State and everything you do, whether good or bad, the media is going to find out and your classmates are going to find out and you are going to be front page. You better hope you don't mess up because it's going to make ESPN, CBS and USA Today so that's just encouragement to do the right thing."

Q: What was your first reaction when you heard about the situation?

Castillo: "I was a little disappointed but like I said, I am more concerned with Wyatt's health and the privacy of the Sexton family. Coach Sexton means a lot to me, I have known him for a long time now and Wyatt's a friend of mine and a teammate. I just hope that the media and everybody will respect their privacy and will allow them to fight through this issue at hand and let them deal with it. If he was a normal person you would not be hearing about this right now. It's unfortunate because he's the starting quarterback at Florida State so you are hearing about it. I just hope that everybody respects his privacy and, if anything, just be supportive and understand that he is a young adult and he needs to learn from this on his own. Hopefully he can get through this.

Q: What did you see from the other quarterbacks in the spring?

Castillo: "Well we are very confident. As a team, we are very confident in all three of our quarterbacks, Wyatt, Xavier and Drew. All three of them are very, very talented. The only knock is that our two young guys don't have any experience. They haven't started a game yet or played in a college game yet. But I tell you what, we are in a very good situation with all three guys that we have. We don't know if Wyatt will be ready because that's for the administration and the coaches to figure out but we are very confident in both Xavier and Drew. Whichever one of those three quarterbacks goes on the field with us against Miami we are going to be ready."

Q: David, have you gone to the hospital to talk to Wyatt?

Castillo: "We are not allowed to visit the hospital; no one is, for a specified amount of time. We are just making sure that he knows we are supporting him and we have talked to Coach Sexton and let him know that we are supporting him and that's all we can do."

Q: Have you seen or talked to Wyatt recently?

Castillo: "I am not going to deny that I have spoken with him or seen him but that's a private issue with the guys on the team that have met with him. We are not going to comment on that but we have spoken to him on a few occasions."

Q: Did he let on that maybe he was stressed or felt pressure by any recent events?

Castillo: "We are not going to comment on that."

Q: David, since Xavier Lee is the only quarterback able to work out right now what has he shown you?

Castillo: "Xavier Lee has been working extremely hard. He has been out there everyday in the weight room with us. He has been encouraging guys and been out at conditioning working hard and leading drills. Drew has been out of town rehabbing from an injury and he's been working hard. He has been doing everything he can, watching film, rehabbing his ankle and he is in the weight room. If he were healthy right now he would be doing the same thing Xavier is. We are very excited about both young guys and hope they are both ready in case they both have to play and we are confident in Wyatt also."

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