Tuesday's Workout Report

Roughly 60-plus Florida State football player's hit the practice field today for a day of conditioning as they each ran several 55-yards and 110-yard runs.

Linebacker Ernie Sims was out there today as well, wearing a brace on his ankle and jogging along with his teammates.

Following conditioning, several offensive and defensive players stuck around for some player-run workouts. The offensive linemen - led by Matt Meinrod - worked on about 15 minutes of blocking drills while quarterback Xavier Lee and several wide receivers went up against several defensive backs in one-on-one passing drills.

After the offensive lineman exited the field, the players organized 7-on-7 skeleton drills that were run for nearly an hour.

I kept track of each play that was run and according to my obviously unofficial statistics, Lee (the only quarterback that threw) went 11-for-27 and had several very good throws. As ordinary as 11-for-27 may seem, it should be noted that quite a few defensive players made very good plays to break up a few passes and some were dropped by the receivers. In all, I would say that no more than three or four of Lee's passes could be considered errant throws.

I also kept track of who was making the catches as wide receiver Chris Davis led all players with four catches, tight end Patrick Harrington caught three, and tight end Donnie Carter, wide receiver Robert Hallback and cornerback Antonio Cromartie each recorded one catch.

Harrington mad a lot of nice catches and, along with Carter, had the ball thrown his way quite a bit. It was encouraging to see Lee look towards the tight end position several times.

Davis appeared to be his favorite target but when Cromartie was lined up on the offensive side of the ball and not on defense (he pulled double duty today, once again), Lee made it a point of looking his way. I didn't keep track but I would say Cromartie lined up on offense roughly six or seven times and was thrown to three times, all long throws. On Cromartie's one reception, he streaked down the field and made a leaping catch over a walk-on defensive back and then promptly stopped on a dime and juked that player who consequently fell to the ground.

On defense, linebacker Buster Davis was the clear vocal leader of the group and linebacker Lawrence Timmons did his part in helping yell out plays. Both Davis and linebacker Marcello Church were acting as on field coaches to Timmons and several walk-ons.

Former Seminole and current Pittsburgh Steeler Bryant McFadden was out there and he was acting as a coach on the sideline which was great to see especially when the University of Miami gets so much publicity for having former players that come back to work with the youngsters.

Here is a list of the players that I saw working on the 7-on-7 skeleton drills (not an official list):

- Chris Davis

- Xavier Lee

- Jamaal Edwards

- B.J. Dean

- Patrick Harrington

- Robert Hallback

- Matt Root

- Greg Carr

- Antonio Cromartie

- Gerard Ross

- Buster Davis

- Roger Williams

- Tony Carter

-Kyler Hall

- Pat Watkins

- Trevor Ford

- Lawrence Timmons

- Marcello Church

- Darius McClure

- Joe Manning

Of note: Lee brought his play-book to practice and seemed very focused out on the field. While some players would be joking with one another, he stayed serious and in the moment and once the skeleton drill was over, he called everyone in to huddle up before leaving. Also, Weatherford was out there in a walking boot and threw the ball quite a bit. Obviously he didn't do any dropping back or take part in the skeleton drills but he stood off behind Lee and the offense and threw balls to wide receivers Chase Walker and Joslin Shaw who did not take part in the drills. I also saw Weatherford correct a receiver when that player ran the wrong route.

Quote of the day: The collective drawn-out "Ohhhh!" by the entire field when Cromartie shook the walk-on defensive back after his long reception.

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