Sexton's Father and Teammates Speaks Out

Florida State running backs coach Billy Sexton – father of quarterback Wyatt Sexton – spoke publicly on Thursday for the first time since his son was hospitalized after behaving erratically in the middle of a Tallahassee street.

The elder Sexton dismissed the idea that drugs were to blame for an escapade that included the quarterback doing pushups in the street, jumping on a car and yelling at two neighborhood residents.

"Wyatt is under the care of physicians for a medical problem, and at this time he will remain under their care," Billy Sexton said in a statement Thursday morning. "His doctors have informed us that drug abuse is not the problem."

"At this point, our focus as a family is to ensure that our son, whom we love and support in every regard, gets the care that he needs until he makes a full and complete recovery."

Wyatt Sexton remains suspended indefinitely from the team. He was suspended on June 3 for an unspecified violation of team rules, but – according to the University's sports information office - that penalty did not forbid him from participating in the voluntary summer conditioning workouts the team holds four times a week.

During the week leading up to the June 13 incident, a few teammates reportedly urged Sexton to join the conditioning program, to no avail.

"We just knew that he was not coming to workouts and we tried to encourage him to come out," center David Castillo said. "He wasn't the only person that wasn't coming to workouts. It's voluntary and if a player chooses not to come out that's their thing. As a team we are concerned just with the guys that are out there and we are going to move on with the guys that are out there."

While Castillo said that the team was unaware of Sexton's suspension before Tuesday, a few other team members – including wide reciever De'Cody Fagg – had heard that Sexton would return on June 27, the start of the second six-week summer semester at FSU.

"Last I had heard, he was out of town," Fagg said. "Since he's been on campus, he has usually been out here [attending summer workouts]. We just guessed he was taking the first part of summer off to get ready and get prepared to get back with the team. No one thought it was a bad thing because we all believe that he knows what he has to get done this summer."

Drug-abuse speculation aside, some have theorized that the pressure related with Sexton's prominent role on the team may have helped to cause the breakdown. In an incident report filed by the Tallahassee Police Department, a friend admitted that Sexton "had been very stressed over the past week about him being the starting quarterback in football for FSU."

On Thursday, teammates decided against addressing that issue. Earlier in the week, Castillo did admit that he approached Sexton with a few teammates during the week prior to Monday's incident.

"I am not going to deny that I have spoken with him or seen him, but that's a private issue with the guys on the team that have met with him," he said. "We are not going to comment on that, but we have spoken to him on a few occasions."

The overwhelming sentiment coming from voluntary workouts this week has been concern for the previously even-keeled signal caller.

"The outpouring of love and support from so many people for Wyatt and our family has been overwhelming and a source of great comfort to all of us," Billy Sexton said. "We request, however, that the media understand and respect the privacy that we seek for Wyatt and that he needs at this time."

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