Carter Shows No Sign of Rust

Redshirt senior tight end Donnie Carter missed the entire 2004 season with a knee injury but is back with his teammates and working hard this summer. He has been running at nearly full strength in 7-on-7 skeleton drills and the rest of the conditioning drills. recently caught up the Waycross, GA native to see how the summer workouts are treating him.

Q: It seems like the quarterbacks are looking for the tight ends a lot in the 7-on-7 skeleton drills. Is that a conscious effort by them to get you guys the ball more?

Carter: "It's not really that they are looking for us because this offense we have and even the offense of the past, it's not a particular position on each play that is getting thrown to. It's not that we say we are going to look for a tight end on this play, we will look for a tailback on this play or we will look for a receiver on this play. It's just finding a particular weakness in the defense and exploiting it whether it is running back, fullback, tight end or receiver that's making the catch."

Q: Does it sometime discourage you or the other tight ends on the roster that FSU is known for not throwing to the tight end position very often?

Carter: "I don't think so. To run an offense you can't run out there and say ‘I'm going to catch the ball, I'm going to catch the ball.' I was kind of bad at that starting out in my career. I wanted to go out there and catch the ball every time. I would hear the play and think ‘(sigh) that's not to us, I am not going to get the ball' but now I understand that's not the best way to play it. It's kind of like painting a picture. You just find the hole and the ball comes to you and you make it happen."

Q: You missed all last season with a knee injury but you are showing no signs of rust out here at the workouts, is it safe to assume the rehab is going well?

Carter: "The rehab is going great. Randy Oravetz did a great job with helping me out with everything."

Q: How does the knee feel?

Carter: "The knee is doing good, real good. I don't want to get to the point where I have to rely on the brace that I am wearing but I understand it's good to wear it out here at practice. It feels fine though.

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