Q & A with Freshman WR Fred Rouse

Prep All-American wide receiver Fred Rouse was present for his first day of conditioning drills. Renegade Report caught up with the former Tallahassee Lincoln standout to get his thoughts on his day with his new teammates.

Q: How about the camaraderie of the guys out here this week?

A: Oh man, it's just been great. I'm looking forward to it. I'm just looking at it as a chance to get better and to help this team win a National Championship.

Q: What's your take on the first day of workouts?

A: Hey, it'd different, but it's nothing. Just a little bit more work.

Q: I heard you recently got another test score to confirm that you're qualified to play this year?

A: Oh yeah. That's just like on the field man, striving for extras, and that's what I did. And, hey, look where I'm at.

Q: Does that say a lot about you? We know you worked really hard to get there.

A: Yeah, you know, being a football player you have a lot of pressure, a lot of stereotypes. But, you know, that's motivation. I use that to just get better.

Q: Talk a little about your relationship with Antone (Smith); I know you guys are pretty close.

A: Oh man, he's like a brother to me. All these guys coming in, we want to be a unit. You know, in the last couple years, people said it was a unit, but it wasn't a unit. I want to be able to tell Antone if he needs anything, ‘Come to my house.' If I need anything, I want to be able to go to him. Just like the rest of the other guys here. Right now we have a big unit and we're ready to win.

Q: You cut the hair, huh. That's a little surprising.

A: Oh man, hey, it's a nice look man. You know the ladies like it too. It's going good, I'm loving it.

Q: You really had to work to get out here, huh?

A: In life there are a lot of trials and tribulations, but how you respond to adversity is what really makes you a man. And I accomplished that, that's all behind me, so it's time to move forward.

Q: On signing day, you said that you will be out on this field.

A: Exactly, and that was my motivation. I'm going to let those guys know that, hey, all that stereotyping, all the bad talk, all that negative talk, hey, that's motivation.

Q: What are your personal expectations out here right now?

A: Oh man, I'm ready to come in here and make a stride at starting. I feel it. I feel good.

Q: What sort of a thrill is this for you?

A: Oh man, you know just being a part of the Seminole tradition, something that I always looked at, I never thought that I'd be on this field one day, and to actually be here, I'm going to make it a good one.

Q: How is this different from high school and the way you prepared there?

A: I had to adapt to the changes, knowing that in high school, you don't do that many drills in one set. You know, we did a lot of consecutive drills. In high school we didn't do it like that.

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