Q & A with Freshman RB Antone Smith

Last February Scout.com No.1 running back in the country Antone Smith shocked the country when he selected the Seminoles over the Gators and Hurricanes. Renegade Report caught up with the freshman running back to discuss his first summer workout with the Garnet & Gold.

I feel excellent. I caught on very fast to everything. I'm loving it out here, its hard work.

Q: In this first week, how was it meeting all your new teammates?

A: Well basically, I don't know everybody yet. But it's a great feeling to get together and to adapt to this new environment. I'm just ready for that. I'm loving it right now.

Q: Q: Talk a little about your relationship with Fred Rouse; I know you guys are pretty close.

A: Oh yeah, me and Fred (Rouse) are really tight. A lot of times we're just chilling, watching classic football games and playing Playstation2. It's nice, you know what I mean, me and Fred are gonna bond really well in the next three or four years here.

Q: If Fred had decided to play somewhere else, would that have changed your decision?

A: Well it wasn't about Fred. It was making a decision for myself and whether or not I'm going to be successful in life.

Q: Was there any pressure from other people or school's to attend somewhere other than FSU?

A: I'm my own man, I think for myself. I think for myself big time. I don't let anybody have control of me. I came to Florida State because I wanted to.

Q: You look like you gained some weight since signing day. How much are you up to?

A: I'm at 190 right now.

Q: Looking around at the young talent here like Fred Rouse and Xavier Lee, what do you think of this team's potential?

A: Oh man, the future here is crazy. We should win the National Championship this year, the next year and the year after that, that's how much potential we have on this team right now. The sky is the limit; I'm just ready for all of it to go down.

Q: What about having Leon Washington and Lorenzo Booker ahead of you. Playing time might be tough, but what do you expect this year?

A: I don't know. I just know I'm gonna work hard and do what I gotta do. I know they're seniors and juniors and everything, so they have their time, but I'm just gonna wait my turn

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