Now Taking Applications: Seminole Kick Returner

One of the big questions on every Seminole fan's mind these days is, "How are we going to get all of our talented players onto the field?" With a wide array of talented athletes from the 2005 recruiting class joining an already physically gifted Seminole team, special teams will most definitely be the area where the guys will make their mark. And perhaps the position that generates the most buzz is kick return.

So who is going to fill that position?

Last season, the Tribe didn't manage to return a single kick for a touchdown despite the fact that super athletes Antonio Cromartie and Leon Washington were the two main returnees. In fact the Seminoles downright struggled in that department, finishing the 2005 season with 629 total yards, compared to the 906 yards that their opponents gained.

So who is going to be the savior this year, for a position that is vital to the success of the football program? It could be a familiar face – if he isn't too busy on offense and defense, that is.

"I think I will be back there and I am going to try to do punt returns also," said Cromartie, who led the team with 19 returns for 435 yards (accounting for nearly 70% of the team's total return yardage). "That (returning punts) is something I have always wanted to do but haven't gotten the chance yet. I should be back at kick returns though. If for some reason the coaches don't want me back there because I am a starter on defense and then there's the possibility that I am going to play offense, that's cool with me. Whatever they want."

According to the Tallahassee native, he isn't sure if Washington will be joining him on returns this season but is confident in some of the young guys.

"I am not sure if he (Washington) will be back there," Cromartie said. "We gotta keep him fresh. But we got lots of young guys that are real fast and real talented."

One of those ‘real fast and real talented' players is redshirt freshman wide receiver Kenny O'Neal, who is considered by many to be the fastest player on the team.

Returning kicks and possibly even punts is something that the California speedster is excited to compete for.

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