Magazine Preview: McHale Finds the Right Fit

Renegade and Scout Publishing are proud to announce the launch of Renegade Report Magazine. The magazine debuts in August with the 2005 Football Preview and will be published in a glossy format ten times a year! Click here for an excerpt of a feature on new OL coach Mark McHale.

As part of the coaching staff at Appalachian State in the early ‘80s McHale decided to dedicate his days to studying football and the running game. He constantly asked himself, "Who's running the football?"

At that time it was the Washington Redskins, which appeared in back-to-back Super Bowls (1982-83) behind the arm of Joe Theismann and the power of Super Bowl MVP running back John Riggins.

So McHale made the trek - over 500 miles - from the ASU campus to our nation's capital to sit down with the Redskins' staff. With no budget to back his trips, McHale would spend these two-to-three day excursions sleeping in his car.


"He's a winner because of his values, and his approach to everything, dealing with people, players and staff," McHale said of Bowden. "That holds up the true test of time. That's how you measure a coach - over time.

"His secret is not a secret. It is his spiritual life. When he has to make a decision that's what he bases it on, dealing with people, football, his career, everything."

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