Monday Workout Notes

Hurricane Dennis doused Tallahassee last weekend with heavy rains but the practice fields were in perfect shape as an excellent showing of players showed up for Monday's voluntary workouts.

Today's workout was relatively short as coach Jon Jost directed the players through several drills. The players ended the organized day by doing a new version of the "Miami drill". Today Jost had the players bunch into groups of three and take turns working as a two-some to carry the other player on their shoulders across the practice field. The drill didn't end until all three players had been carried. The drill was quite easy for some and quite difficult for others (the offensive lineman).

After workouts, the players broke into one-on-ones that lasted for nearly an hour and a half.

The players will be back on the field tomorrow at 5:00 p.m.


Since the new freshman class arrived at the end of June, it has been clear that many of the players are gradually starting to find their respective niche with the veterans. One of those players, in particular, is wide receiver Rod Owens. The Jacksonville native has been a regular of every single workout and every session of one-on-ones and skeleton drills and has shown flashes of his amazing talent.

While doing so, however, Owens has made a name for himself for not only his impressive play but the way he looks.

"Old School" is what the veterans call him on a regular basis. If they aren't calling him that, they are calling him "Jerry" or "Tim" – in reference to NFL All-Pros Jerry Rice and Tim Brown.

"Yeah I guess it's kind of a nickname now," Owens said. "The guys call me that because I have an old school style. I tuck my shirt in and I wear high socks and low cut cleats so I guess they think that's how the old guys wear it."

Owens says that the nicknames are quite flattering.

"I don't mind it because they are noticing me out there," Owens said. "Guys like Jerry Rice and Tim Brown are some of the greats so I guess that's good."


-Linebacker Ernie Sims was in attendance and participated in all of the drills. His mother, father, and brother were also in attendance. His younger brother, Marcus, was going to participate in the one-on-ones but didn't get a chance to before the players were all done.

-Former Seminoles Michael Boulware, Bryant McFadden, B.J. Ward, Charles Howard, Paul Irons, and P.K. Sam were all in attendance. Boulware, McFadden and Ward all participated in the one-on-ones and Howard participated in the workouts. Sam said that he has been working hard for a more prominent role in the New England Patriots offense and Irons says he sis still battling to avoid roster cuts but feels good about his chances.

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