King Kenny

Redshirt freshman wide receiver Kenny O'Neal posted a blazing 4.31-second 40-yard dash in today's summer testing session. After the run, caught up with the California speedster to get his thoughts on the run that had everyone talking and whether or not Seminole faithful will be seeing his impressive gift being utilized on special teams this season.

Renegade Report: What does it mean to you - on a personal level - that you had the best time today out of all the great athletes that are on Florida State's roster?

Kenny O'Neal: "We are a competitive group and I came in there and showed everyone what I can do. It was cool because we as a team are always trying to out do each other. If I run that fast someone else is gonna try that much harder to beat me."

RR: You are a star on the FSU track team, as well. How does competing consistently on the track help you on the football team?

O'Neal: "I lost a lot of fat weight this past season while I was running track. I think my track coach helped me to lose like 12 pounds of unneeded weight so that is good. It helps me avoid losing any speed because I am working all the time even when football is not going on and I am even better shape than when I got here (FSU)."

RR: Some of the freshmen – namely Antone Smith and Michael Ray Garvin – put up some impressive numbers today, what do you think about how well

this whole class has performed this summer?

O'Neal: "We've got talent everywhere. We've got talented freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors so it doesn't surprise me at all that these new guys are doing so well because it's Florida State and you know that the best are gonna want to come here."

RR: With your amazing speed, is it safe to say that the Seminole fans are going to get to see you return kicks this season?

O'Neal: "We've got a lot of guys that can return kicks so I am not really sure yet as to what my role is gonna be. I just hope I can get back there and do that because I am confident that I can make an impact."

<>RR: What about punt return duties?

O'Neal: "We've got a senior back there. Willie Reid broke Deion's record (for punt return yardage last season) so it's gonna be tough for me to get back there because he is so good. I am trying real hard though because that's something I really want to do also."

RR: You have had some pretty impressive long catches from Xavier Lee in informal passing drills this summer. Are you two working on that so much because it's going to be a definite wrinkle in the offense this season?

O'Neal: "The defense has been giving us that so far this summer, but ‘X' (Lee) has got a ton of talent and I got talent too so you can expect us to be hooking up a lot in the `05 season that's for sure."

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