Colzie Talks about the FSU Secondary

Renegade caught up Seminole graduate assistant James Colzie who helps defensive coordinator Mickey Andrews in the secondary. With the loss of starting cornerback Antonio Cromartie for the season to a knee injury, there is a serious shake up in the defensive backfield.

Who will start out at corner now that Cromartie is done for the year?

Gerard Ross will be the left corner and J.R. Bryant will move over to the right side. Trevor Ford will back up J.R. and Tony Carter will be behind Gerard. All four of the guys will play a lot.

What true freshman player will get playing time this year?

Michael Ray Garvin will start out as our Tiger Back which is our sixth defensive back. The other five players in that package are Gerard Ross, J.R. Bryant, Roger Williams, Pat Watkins and Kyler Hall. I hear from summer workouts, that Garvin is determined to get on the field and that he's one of the best guys out there.

What are your thoughts on J.R. Bryant?

J.R. was going to battle for a starting job anyway. He's a sophomore now and if he plays as good as Cromartie did last year, we should be ok.

What about Trevor Ford?

When Trevor is healthy, he's an excellent player. Last year, he was injured a lot. If he stays healthy, he's a guy that can makes plays. So far he's stayed healthy all summer.

How about Gerard Ross?

I speak with him everyday. He knows what he has to do. He's in the same position as Leroy Smith was last year. I expect him to have a great year.

What is the deal with Roger Williams? He used to play Rover. What will his role be this year?

Roger will back up Pat Watkins at Free Safety. He's also played Rover so he will probably back up there as well.

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