Gridiron Greats: 1990 LSU @ FSU

After a tough loss to Miami and a last-second defeat at Auburn, the Seminoles took out their frustrations on LSU. Bobby Bowden, in his 15th year at FSU, becomes the 11th Division I-A coach to pick up his 200th career win in this 42-3 defeat of the Tigers. FSU's defense forced five turnovers and allowed only 66 yards passing and a first-quarter field goal. Casey Weldon made his first career start and finished with 229 yards and one touchdown.

GRIDIRON GREATS Sat., 7/30, 6:30pm 1990 LSU @ FSU (10/27/90) - replays Monday at 8pm and Wed at 11:30am on Sun Sports.

In segments airing before, during and after this "Gridiron Greats" presentation, Sun Sports' Keith Jones talks with QB Casey Weldon and WR Shannon Baker about the game:

"I needed water so badly. I was a nervous wreck," Weldon on his first career start that day for FSU.

"Brad Johnson and I came in together. They told Brad 'he's just some little local kid....there's no threat of him playing' and they told me 'Brad's just a basketball player' so I didn't have to worry about him. So watch out when they're recruiting you. They'll tell you anything." Weldon on his friend and teammate Brad Johnson during the recruiting process.

"He's still a big dork. He hasn't changed a lick," Weldon on his continued close friendship with Brad Johnson and Johnson's success.

"You don't really realize the influence he's had on you until you move away from his presence," Baker on Bobby Bowden.

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