Message to FSU Fans

A message from about the status of this site and its message boards.

Hello FSU Fanatical fans!

This is not an April Fool's joke, was made an offer that put a lot of money in their pockets and in doing so has left network.

We had no intention of disrupting your community and it was not that deleted all of your message boards. We are attempting to restore as many and as much of the forums and their contents as possible; your logins and user IDs continue to function and will in the future. The boards will function as before; they just won't say Warchant anymore. also is in the process of signing on new content providers for this site, and is dedicated to providing the best team and recruiting coverage on the Web. recruiting database continues to function as before. In the meantime, we also are restoring the previous coverage by

We at understand and respect your loyalty to Gene Williams and, but we also respect you as fans and would never pull the plug on a community that has been enjoying the services offered on network.

Again this is your community and we had no intention of interrupting it. If any of you want to take over moderation of this board please email and he will set you up with access.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. staff

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