Heating Up

After spending the summer working out late in the afternoon, the Florida State football team got its first taste of the midday heat Wednesday morning when they went through the second practice of the season.

Weather.com listed Wednesday's high temperature at 95 degrees and reported a heat index of 113. The effects were evident as several players had to take short breaks to avoid cramps. Cornerback Trevor Ford and tight end Donnie Carter had to head to the locker room early for treatment.

"It was a little toasty out there today, but its good for us to build up our tolerance and condition," defensive tackle Andre Fluellen said. "We'll get used to it."

They'll have to – FSU has morning practices scheduled on every day between now and Aug. 29 with only three exceptions, two Sunday off days and a Friday night scrimmage in the stadium. Two-a-days begin on Monday, making conditioning that much more important.

"A lot of guys that were cramping up this morning were guys that didn't pass their conditioning test and were not quite in the condition they should have been," FSU Director of Sports Medicine Randy Oravetz said. "The guys that did well on that are doing O.K. This is kind of typical. We've got the rest of the day to cool them off and we'll get back out there tomorrow morning."

"It's either this or take your chances with the afternoon rainstorms," quarterback Drew Weatherford said. "I think it's pretty smart to get out here and get done. Even though the game is at night, it's going to be hot and humid and we're going to have to deal with it."

Last August the Seminoles didn't have to deal with heat very much in preseason camp. For the most part, the conditions were overcast and the temperatures hovered in the mid-80s. When it came time to play in Miami, conditioning became a factor, with several Seminoles cramping late in the game. A total of three players had to leave the game with cramps during Miami's game-tying touchdown march and game-winning drive in overtime.

Coach Bobby Bowden cancelled post-practice conditioning runs on Wednesday, saying that "might have been risky" to try it given the conditions.


Weatherford took snaps with the first team Wednesday. He said that the alternating should probably last the entire preseason. Quarterbacks coach Daryl Dickey asked Lee and Weatherford to pick a number between 1 and 10 to see who would go with the ones on the first day.

"That's the way Daryl (Dickey) is doing it right now," Bowden said. "I don't care how he does it, I just want both of them to get equal opportunity. They are just going through a learning process. The good thing is they've got talent. But are they accomplished? No. Are they where they need to be? No. But they'll get there."


-Leon Washington appeared to be icing his ankles in the field house. There was no official word from FSU on his condition.

-Anthony Houllis was wearing No. 46 and running with the second team at rover.

-It's apparent the offense has been working on some new wrinkles. Though the QBs and WRs struggled Wednesday, the offense confused the D at times with some new formations and personnel looks.

Roger Williams and Tony Carter ran with the one defense.

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