Q & A with DB Coach James Colzie

With the loss of starting cornerback Antonio Cromartie for the season, makes that position one of the question marks for the fall. Renegade Report.com caught up with defensive back Coach James Colzie to get an update on his young secondary.

How did you coaches determine to promote freshman Tony Carter over J.R. Bryant?

Tony worked very hard in the off-season and he did everything we asked of him. He hasn't done anything this fall so far to lose his starting job.

We noticed that in seven on seven passing drills that the young defensive backs didn't give up to much ground. What are your thoughts on their performance?

They are doing what we want. They aren't giving up the big-play and they are keeping everything underneath them. They need to keep working and limit mistakes. They are getting a lot of help from the safeties. We feel very comfortable with the safeties. Pat Watkins, Roger Williams and Kyler Hall are all very solid.

How is Trevor Ford doing? We noticed him getting carted off the other day.

He's doing much better and the heat got to him the other day. He came in a little bit out of shape. We are just getting to the point were he's getting use to the heat and he can now make it through a whole practice.

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