Media Day Notebook

Leon Washington parts with his car to help a friend, Fred Rouse reports that he is fine after a minor sprain, David Castillo wishes for a healthy season, and Bowden reflects on his quarterback situation.

The call came for Leon Washington sometime around 2:00 in the morning. Andre Jackson, a longtime friend, was without a car and looking for a way to get home after a long day on the job at a storage company.

"I was like, ‘listen man, you can have my car. I live right by the stadium and I never drive with gas this high," said Washington. "I'm always on my bicycle."

Washington lent Jackson his 1995 black Crown Victoria.

"That's my boy. That's my brother," said Washington. "It was just sitting in the yard. I never drove it because I live right by the stadium. He called me one night and I gave it to him."

To get around town, to class, and to the stadium Washington rides his road bike. He estimates that he probably puts on about 15 miles a week. Not much by some standards, except when considering the price of gas.

"Fifteen miles of gas is a lot," Washington said.


Wide receiver Fred Rouse said the injury that has kept him limited in practice was a sprain that occurred Wednesday in the turf room. He expects to practice Monday.


Center David Castillo would like nothing better than to walk away from Florida State a national champion. That was the draw that brought him to play for the Seminoles. But second behind his title aspirations, Castillo wants a healthy season.

"I would love to have a season injury free," Castillo said. "I always tell my mom and the people that I'm close to that all I want is a healthy season."

After overcoming a foot injury and a torn pectoral muscle, Castillo suffered a series of injuries to his hand over the course of last year. With plans to pursue medicine, there was a point where Castillo started to worry about the damage.

"Out of my 10 fingers, there's only two, my pointer finger on each hand, that I haven't injured at some point," Castillo said. "I was starting to get a little worried about it. I went and spoke with my hand surgeon and he assured me (I was fine)."


The status quo around Florida State has always been veteran quarterbacks. Point out Bowden's inexperienced duo this season and he'll be quick to make a correction.

"I've got one quarterback who has played," said Bowden. "He's got one play. He's the veteran of the group."

Added Bowden: "When Jones, redshirt junior, left the football team, it left it in the hands of Chris Rix. So four year later you have it back on schedule. You have Wyatt Sexton, a redshirt junior, ready to go and all of the sudden he's gone. Now you're back to the redshirt freshmen again. There could be a lot worse news to that. These guys got talent."

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