Monday Morning Practice Report

The No. 12 Florida State Seminoles went out for an 8:30 a.m. practice in full pads Monday morning. This is the first of two-a-day practices as the team will go out again on Monday in shells at 6:15 p.m. session.

Both the first team offense and the first team defense performed well during goalline drills in the final period. The first offense was four-for-four with TD runs from Leon Washington, Drew Weatherford, Joe Surratt and Lorenzo Booker. The first defense kept the second offense out of the endzone on all four tries. The big hit of the day came on the final play when Ernie Sims and Sam McGrew collided with Surratt at the one and drove him backwards. During regular 11-on-11 scrimmaging, the offense's longest gain was a 20-yard pass from Weatherford to Washington. The defense got sacks from Letroy Guion and McGrew.


(on today's practice)

"Today we were in full pads and practiced for two hours. I thought the spirit was really good. They worked hard and Monday's can sometimes be a bad day. There was some darn good hitting out there today. Quarterbacks got in some good work. Drew (Weatherford) went number one today. They will change that around tomorrow to equal it up. Both quarterbacks are making progress and they are getting what they need."

(on first team offense during goalline)

"They should be getting better. Again, like someone said, is that good? Are you an offensive coach or a defensive coach? Defense doesn't like it and the offense does. Now when the other group went in there the first defense made every stop. That ain't bad. The first defense made every stop and the first offense made every opportunity. Maybe that's good."


Offensive Guard Matt Meinrod

(on goalline offense today)

"We went four for four against the (No. 1) defense. That is something that hasn't been done in a long time around here. When it does, it is a pretty big accomplishment. We mixed it up on them with the pass and the run. They couldn't figure us out. I have to give credit to the rest of the offense."

(on playing in full pads again)

"It feels great. It has been a long 11 and a half months of no hitting and just watching film. Just to get my nose bloody a little bit it feels great."

Cornerback Tony Carter

(on his mindset)

"It didn't really change at all because I feel like I have been working hard all summer. I am just to trying to get on the field. The mindset is still the same just trying to work hard, keep a humble attitude and just keep playing hard."

(on the secondary overall)

"I feel that we are going to do pretty well. It is going to be a big learning experience because none of us have really played much. It is going to be different but I feel that we are going to step up to the test."

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